It’s beautiful, but this island is very PHP

Deception Island

This island was viral in its time. Thought it was livable, it turned out to be just a false hope. This is Deception Island or the Island of Fraudsters. Located at the South Pole, this island is one of the most remote islands in the world.

Deception Island is located on the Antarctic Peninsula. This island was once inhabited by fishermen and scientists, as quoted from BBC.

Her beauty was first discovered by two British sailors named William Smith and Edward Bransfield in 1820. They were captivated by the view of the island and intended to make it their home.

But in 1839, there was the largest volcanic eruption on Deception Island. The second explosion occurred in 1842.

Deception Island Photo: (Thinsktock)

The island was then called uninhabitable and given the name Deception alias fraud. Her face is beautiful but it turns out to be one of the active volcanoes in the world until now.

Even though it has been banned, there are still many sailors who wish to live here. The main reason is the habitat of the blue whale.

In the past, whaling was the most profitable business. In 1912, Norway built Antarctica’s only land-based commercial whaling station there. However, the station only operated until 1931.

The British also built a base (Station B) in 1944. The location is right at the abandoned whaling station.

Deception IslandDeception Island Photo: (Thinsktock)

The caldera is the only reason many sailors come here. A caldera is a subsidence of land caused by a volcanic eruption.

The Deception Island caldera lake was formed by a massive eruption about 10,000 years ago. This lake is the only one in the world where ships can sail directly to the center of the submerged caldera.

The worst eruption occurred in 1967. This explosion buried the Chilean Aguirre Cerda research base. Since then, this island was abandoned and called the island of PHP alias false hope giver.

Deception IslandDeception Island Photo: (Thinsktock)

Now Deception Island is under the treaty of the Antarctic Treaty. This treaty was signed by 46 countries and is only used for science.

Penguins are protected animals, no hunting is allowed. The island is also opened for tourism. There are many tour packages for cruises and explorations to enjoy this PHP Island.

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