IVBL Interest is Increasing

The INDONESIA Virtual Basketball League (IVBL) has completed the final match last Saturday (23/4) to fill the void in the Indonesia Basketball League (IBL). The virtual basketball tournament is currently attracting tremendous interest.

In the match which was held at Highgrounds, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta, Aegis Esports won with a score of 3-0.

“I saw the game was no less exciting. The adrenaline and the enthusiasm of the fans. Then I see that this is a very extraordinary show, let’s make this event even bigger,” said IBL President Director, Junas Miradiarsyah.

“Hopefully, IBL is consistent every year in making tournaments for esports. Yesterday we saw basketball athletes playing, we also have to open our eyes that in esports, real athletes are also,” he added.

In the future, Junas promises that IVBL will run more massively and lively. Indonesian basketball fans can now not only support their favorite team in iBL but can also compete virtually.

“We gathered NBA 2K fans to make the industry even bigger. Hopefully next year it will continue to run consistently, and the prizes can be even bigger,” said Junas.

“We are also grateful to the sponsor, Indosat, because thanks to their support this was possible. We have a dream, we have a desire to make basketball bigger, both conventional and esports,” he continued.

Aegis Esports’ victory is grateful for the Most Valuable Player (MvP) in this tournament, Aegis Sicko. The struggle to become a champion in IVBL 2022 is admittedly not easy.

“The competition for every team in IVBL is very tight. It is proven by his increasing interest this season,” said Aegis Sicko.

“We also went through the whole game until the final was not easy. There were also small fights between the teams until they finally came together and became champions together,” he continued. (IBL/OL-13)

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