Kalangan Beach, Favorite Vitamin Sea in Sibolga


Sibolga is the smallest city in Indonesia. Being a coastal city, Sibolga has many beautiful beaches, one of which is Kalangan Beach.

Pantai Indah Kalangan or commonly called Pantai Kalangan is located in Pandan, Sibolga, North Sumatra. This beach is a favorite place for the weekend.

What makes this beach different is that it is located in the bay area. A bay is a body of water that juts into the mainland and is bounded by land on three sides.

Like other bays, Kalangan Beach has calm, shallow and sandy waves. The water is green but clear like glass.

Beautiful Beach Among Photos: (Bonauli/detikcom)

This is why Kalangan Beach is a place to hunt for vitamin sea in Sibolga. Usually those who come are domestic tourists from Padangsidimpuan and local residents.

This beach is perfect for swimming. The depth is only up to the waist of an adult only. So it is very safe for children.

Swimming all day is fine. The water is not only clear but also warm. The later in the afternoon, the water will be warmer and clearer.

Beautiful Beach AmongBeautiful Beach Among Photos: (Bonauli/detikcom)

This beach is facilitated with hotels, stalls and gazebos. Tourists can sit all day while waiting for the sunset there.

Unfortunately, this beach is full of trash. There are a lot of leftovers that are dumped by visitors to the beach. Visitors must be careful because they are prone to fish or crab spines that are thrown carelessly in the sand.

Apart from that, Kalangan Sibolga Beach is an interesting tourist attraction. Entrance fee is free!

Beautiful Beach AmongBeautiful beach among clear waters Photo: (Bonauli/detikcom)

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