Kapotar Island, Paradise of Delicious Coconuts in Papua


Coconuts are generally always fresh and so thirst quencher. However, this coconut from Kapotar Island in Papua is unique.

Kapotar Island is also known as Panjang Island and is located in the Moora Islands, the southern Cendrawasih Bay area or off the coast of Nabire, Papua.

However, tourists prefer to call it Mowirin Island. In fact, Mowirin is the name of one of the beaches on this island.

Almost the entire island of Kapotar is overgrown with coconut trees. This coconut tree grows naturally on the beach, some have been cultivated intensively by residents.

Kapotar Island itself is an uninhabited island. The resident’s village is on Mambor Island, which is located south of Kapotar Island.

Kapotar Island in Nabire, Papua (Suroto Day/special)

The people of Mambor only occasionally come to Kapotar Island to look for sea cucumbers at low tide, clean their gardens or harvest coconuts.

Coconut trees on Kapotar Island are generally tall. Uniquely, the tree trunk is not made of footrests for climbing.

Coconuts on Kapotar Island are only taken from old fruit. How to take it is very unique, no need to climb. The owner of the coconut garden only collects old fallen coconuts.

After peeling the skin of this coconut, it is then sold to Nabire City or by collectors it is sold to Moanemani which is located in the mountains of Papua.

Usually per coconut is priced at 3 thousand rupiah. Only when it reaches the mountains of Papua, the price can reach 10 thousand rupiah per grain because coconut trees cannot grow there.

Kapotar Island coconuts are known to have thick flesh, are tougher and the water content is not too much. The young coconut fruit also has a unique taste, perhaps because it grows on a small island in the middle of the sea and is supported by fertile soil so the taste is different.

Island in Nabire, Papua.The coconut fruit is superior (Day Suroto / special)

Kapotar Island’s young coconut tastes fresh, sweet and sour. On the tongue tasted like fizzy. The flesh of young coconuts is clear white and has a soft texture.

This young coconut is the most sought after by tourists visiting this island. Coconut trees on Kapotar Island can bear fruit for up to 25 years.

Besides being sold in the form of fruit, the people of Mambor also process the fruit into coconut oil. They are not affected by the issue of cooking oil which is rare in the market today.

They use this coconut oil to fry fish or saute vegetables. Fish or vegetables cooked without seasoning, only with homemade coconut oil.

The process of cooking using firewood, this combination produces delicious dishes.

In order to preserve coconut trees on Kapotar Island, it is necessary to propagate seedlings from selected parent trees, to be disseminated and planted in other areas in Papua.

This article is submitted by Hari Suroto from the Papua Archeology Center. This article has been edited by the editor first.

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