Kash Typhoon Develops International Teqball

KASHISH Mony Topandasani, also known as Kash Topan, a young entrepreneur and a member of the International Teqball (Fiteq) Committee, will partner with Lydia Nserena, one of 100 influential women figures worldwide.

This partnership is one of the steps that was built since he was elected as the youngest member of Fiteq to develop the sport of teqball around the world.

« This is a good step, because I can collaborate with one of the most influential female figures in the world, » said Kash Topan in Jakarta, Thursday (31/3).

Kash admitted that he and Lydia had prepared the best strategies and concepts to accelerate the development of world teqball. « We already have a plan so that the development can be faster, » he said.

Lydia Nsekera is a former football referee, and served as president of the Burundi Football Federation from 2004 to 2013. She is also the first woman to have worked with FIFA for one year. With her brilliant achievements, Nsekera became one of the 100 influential women around the world.

Kash said this shows that Lydia is a competent person to develop ball-based sports, as well as gain a stage in the international arena such as the Olympics.

« He is a great person, has great achievements, I am sure with this collaboration, we can both develop teqball around the world, » he added.

Teqball is a foot ball sport from Hungary that was born in 2014. The rules are almost like table tennis, but the ball used is a foot ball which is usually used for futsal or soccer.

In Indonesia, teqball is one of the youngest sports registered with the Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI), which was inaugurated in March 2020. Many local and national competitions have been held to trigger the development of teqball in Indonesia.

This is what makes Kash and Lydia excited to develop this sport, because the tools and regulations are not too complicated and can be practiced by anyone.

« I believe, this sport will continue to grow in the world, and become one of the football sports that can be used as an option for the world community, » he concluded. (J-1)