Leopard Racing Complains of Dirty Tracks During Free Practice

ALL racers in all Moto-GP classes have participated in the first free practice session, Friday (18/3). Moto-3 training started first and then Moto-2 and then Moto-GP.

The fastest rider in Moto-3 is Alberto Surra of the Rivacold Snipers Team with a record of 1 minute 51.050 seconds. Meanwhile, the host rider from Honda Team Asia, Mario Suryo Aji, completed the first session with a time of 1 minute 54.233 seconds. These results put Mario in 26th position.

Then the only female racer in Moto-3, Ana Carrasco from BOE SKX, just below Mario with a score of 1 minute 54.248 seconds.

After free practice, apparently there was 1 team that was not satisfied with the condition of the Mandalika Circuit, namely Leopard Racing. They called the Mandalika Circuit unclean.

On Twitter, they posted a photo of the dusty rear tire of the racer’s motorbike along with the caption, “Wash me and the perfect illustration after the first free practice at the Mandalika Circuit.”

Another team that also uploaded photos of dirty motorbikes was Gas Gas Aspar Team. They showed a photo of the motorcycle racer, Izan Guevara, which was stained with brown on the underside of the fairing. “First free practice for ‘motocross’ is underway,” the Aspar Team said on Twitter.

Meanwhile, for the results of the first free practice for the Moto-2 class, the fastest racer was Sam Lowes from the Elf Marc VDS Racing Team. He led the first test time of 1 minute 44.439 seconds.

Because the track is already used by Moto-3 riders, the Moto-2 ride doesn’t look dirty. (OL-12)