Leopard Racing Complains of Dirty Tracks During Free Practice

ALL racers in all Moto-GP classes have participated in the first free practice session, Friday (18/3). Moto-3 training started first and then Moto-2 and then Moto-GP.

The fastest rider in Moto-3 is Alberto Surra of the Rivacold Snipers Team with a record of 1 minute 51.050 seconds. Meanwhile, the host rider from Honda Team Asia, Mario Suryo Aji, completed the first session with a time of 1 minute 54.233 seconds. These results put Mario in 26th position.

Then the only female racer in Moto-3, Ana Carrasco from BOE SKX, just below Mario with a score of 1 minute 54.248 seconds.

After free practice, apparently there was 1 team that was not satisfied with the condition of the Mandalika Circuit, namely Leopard Racing. They called the Mandalika Circuit unclean.

On Twitter, they posted a photo of the dusty rear tire of the racer’s motorbike along with the caption, « Wash me and the perfect illustration after the first free practice at the Mandalika Circuit. »

Another team that also uploaded photos of dirty motorbikes was Gas Gas Aspar Team. They showed a photo of the motorcycle racer, Izan Guevara, which was stained with brown on the underside of the fairing. « First free practice for ‘motocross’ is underway, » the Aspar Team said on Twitter.

Meanwhile, for the results of the first free practice for the Moto-2 class, the fastest racer was Sam Lowes from the Elf Marc VDS Racing Team. He led the first test time of 1 minute 44.439 seconds.

Because the track is already used by Moto-3 riders, the Moto-2 ride doesn’t look dirty. (OL-12)