Limited Budget, KOI Prioritize Medal Athletes at SEA Games

The Indonesian Olympic Committee (NOC Indonesia) has completed a review of 40 sports for the Vietnam SEA Games which will be held in May.

The selection of athletes and sports will be selective. In this case, prioritizing athletes with great potential to win medals, due to budget constraints.

« We want to maximize the state budget or people’s money. Those who will depart will be athletes who have the potential to get medals, » said KOI Chairman Raja Sapta Oktohari, Tuesday (15/3).

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Okto, as he is familiarly called, said that the SEA Games event in Vietnam was beyond projection, because it should have been held last year. Later, Indonesia’s participation in Vietnam is a form of tolerance and solidarity with the hosts who are trying to hold the SEA Games in the midst of a pandemic.

NOC Indonesia is grateful that the government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports continues to provide a budget for the departure of athletes. Even if the priority for this year is not the SEA Games.

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« We choose to be very selective, considering the budget is very limited. We thank the Ministry of Youth and Sports who are still willing to provide a budget, which should not have been in the planning, » added Okto.

The Red and White Squad is expected to continue to provide the best results, even though they depart without a ranking target. According to Okto, the medal target is irrelevant, because the departure time is less than three months from preparation.

With these limitations, KOI also understands that decisions will not satisfy all parties. On the other hand, his party also opens opportunities for sports to participate at their own expense. (OL-11)