Luxury, Aesthetic Coffee with a View of Lake and Mount Guntur


Want to have coffee on vacation? This can be done at the Balong Cafe located in Garut. You can enjoy coffee with a view of the lake and Mount Guntur.

Balong Cafe is located in the Cilopang area, Rancepato, Tarogong Kaler District. The location is right at the foot of Mount Guntur and close to the Cipanas tourist attraction.

This cafe offers a very amazing natural scenery. The expanse of grassland on Thunder Mountain is clearly visible from this place.

The cold air that makes shaking also adds to the beautiful atmosphere of this place. The cafe carries a modern atmosphere that blends with the beauty of nature.

Aesthetic Balong Garut cafe. Photo: Hakim Ghani

Management provides classic benches and tables at the top of the building. At the bottom, near Lake Cilopang, the manager provides a lesehan.

Lesehan is a favorite for visitors to take pictures. Because, the view directly overlooks the lake and Mount Guntur.

This place is full of aesthetics and instagramable. Tourists also often take pictures in the main building because the concept resembles a wooden villa on the top of a mountain

« We present a natural concept that is complemented by simple building decorations, » said Goro Saputra, manager of the Balong cafe.

The menus served are simple menus. Starting from hot milk coffee to gehu or tofu contents with prices starting from Rp. 15 thousand.

Aesthetic Balong Garut cafe.Aesthetic Balong Garut cafe. Photo: Hakim Ghani

This place is perfect for healing. You will get a calming atmosphere when you visit this place with its natural beauty.

Visitors can also go around the lake with a rented rubber boat provided by the manager. In addition, at night visitors can grill meat and corn in this place because the manager provides a burning stove.

Balong cafe is currently the prima donna of Garut residents, especially millennials. In addition to local residents, tourists also often visit this place on the sidelines of their visit to tourist attractions in Garut such as Cipanas and Darajat because of their close location.

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