Matched by a big family, this Sulses woman is viral when her cousin proposes to her


This woman’s love story went viral because her future husband was her own cousin. He shared the moment of application with his cousin on his TikTok account @andinurhaliza06.

In the uploaded video, it can be seen that the application ceremony was attended by both their respective families. The future husband seemed to come with a bouquet of flowers to be given to his future wife.

« Other people proposed❎
Cousin proposed✅
Officially engaged💍🖤 12 – 3 – 2022 #engagement #lamaranmoment #lamaran #engaged #mapettuada #dilamarsepupu #fyp, » wrote the TikTok account @andinurhaliza06.

Viral woman proposed by her own cousin. Photo: Doc. Andinurhaliza.

The 20-second video shows the moment the man puts the ring on the bride’s finger. The moment was captured by a photographer.

The viral video proposed by his own cousin has so far been watched by more than 5.2 million views. Warganet responded to the application video in various ways. Some are surprised, some are not strange with the cousin’s marriage.

« Even though I’m not a mahram, how do you feel like your own brother , » said TikTok user @me.

« In Islam it’s okay to marry cousins, because cousins ​​are not mahrom, » said the account @Dipanggil looking.

« How come yes. Even though I have my brothers and sisters when I have a big family gathering, there are some who are pretty but have no intention at all , » said @Coco.

« In my custom, Dayak people are not allowed to marry with family, let alone cousins. Even though cousins ​​and parents are not allowed, » said the account @°•°🧚♀️Meimeiy_15🦄.

« If the Javanese are pamali it is not allowed, » said the account @Kim Sr.

@andinurhaliza06 Officially engaged💍🖤 12 – 3 – 2022 #engagement #lamaranmoment #lamaran #engaged #mapettuada #dilamarsepupu #fyp ♬ The Woman You Choose – Rossa

Wolipop Confirm

Wolipop has contacted A. Nurhaliza suparman as the owner of the TikTok account @andinurhaliza06. He admitted that he had just been proposed by his cousin, A. Hizba muhammad.

The woman who is familiarly called Icha said her proposal was attended by extended family, close friends and neighbors. He told the figure of his cousin who made his heart melt.

« A person who is very patient, caring, compassionate, humble to people, shy, very obedient to his children but sometimes less sensitive and there are still many things, basically, he really loves this person, » said Icha shyly to Wolipop.

Icha and her cousin’s application was held on March 12, 2022, at the 24-year-old woman’s residence in the Pinrang area, South Sulawesi. The woman who works as a service staff for the Pinrang DPMPTSP (Investment Service and One Stop Integrated Service) revealed that she was able to get close to her cousin in the first place.

« Initially, only parents and family matched each other. Over time, it turned out that the boys’ parents made plans for a vacation, but specifically for cousins. So we went on vacation to Dulungan island but I didn’t really know what my purpose and purpose was, if it was only a cousin’s vacation, « Icha remembers.

Viral woman proposed by her own cousin.Viral woman proposed by her own cousin. Photo: Doc. Andinurhaliza.

« It turned out that there was another purpose as well, after coming from Duntungan, we chatted more and more often, we were invited to continue walking until we were willing to be brought to Pinrang almost every week. Even though Saturday and Sunday was actually his resting time. Then on my birthday in June 2021 he came to give me a surprise, but in bad condition. Not very close to him, over time, we both felt compatible and the guy took him to a more serious level, » he said at length.

The family supports Icha and Hizba’s relationship so that they can continue to the aisle. Icha said, his family was very enthusiastic when he found out that his relationship with Hiza would actually be carried forward to the level of marriage. The eldest of three siblings is scheduled to go up the aisle on June 9, 2022.

Her TikTok video went viral and got various comments, Icha gave her response. « Netizen comments read while laughing because there are those who have debated in the comments column as well and thank God, many are praying for the best, » concluded Icha.

Viral woman proposed by her own cousin.Viral woman proposed by her own cousin. Photo: Doc. Andinurhaliza.