More Viral! Pokémon Bread Sold 3.5 Million Fruits in South Korea


Pokémon bread is now being loved in South Korea. In addition to its great taste and attractive packaging, Pokémon Bread also offers special sticker prizes!

Bread Pokémon is being targeted by the people of South Korea because it has just been re-produced after 2 decades of ‘disappearance’. In the past, this Japanese bakery product was present in the country of ginseng, but its production was stopped around 2000.

The happy news was then conveyed by a South Korean food producer, SPC Samlip. On February 23, 2022, his party again sells Pokémon Bread. The price is 1,500 Korean won or around Rp. 17,700 per piece.

Pokémon Bread comes in 7 variants. Photo: SPC Samlip/Koreabood/Sora News 24

Each pack of these buns is special and offers a sticker gift that any Pokémon lover will collect. Pokémon Bread comes in 7 variants, namely chocolate cake, chocolate roll, strawberry custard pastrybread cheesecake, Flaming Hot Sauce, Strawberry Cream Pastryand sweet crunchy pastry.

The South Korean public’s craze for Pokémon Bread is evident. quote Next Shark (16/3/2022), until March 10, 2022, SPC Samlip reports that Pokémon Bread has sold more than 3.5 million pieces in 2 weeks!

The popularity of Pokémon Bread is getting higher after idols like RM ‘BTS’ and Kai ‘EXO’ flaunt this moment of eating bread on their social media. RM ‘BTS’ even had to look for this bread from one minimarket to another because the stock was getting limited.

It was only at the eighth convenience store that he visited that RM found Pokémon Bread. He also asked producers to increase the production of this sweet bread.

More Viral!  Pokémon Bread Sold 3.5 Million Fruits in South KoreaAs well as being delicious, Pokémon Bread offers collectible sticker rewards. Photo: SPC Samlip/Koreabood/Sora News 24

Meanwhile Kai ‘EXO’ is seen hunting for Bread sticker gifts Pokémon. He had joked asking for his money back because he got a sticker that was not what he was after.

In the midst of his skyrocketing popularity, Koreaboo (15/3/2022) reported that the producer of Pokémon Bread has ceased production. This is because the demand is very high.

« It is true that the sale of bread has been discontinued in official online stores and convenience stores (offline). Currently our production is hampered and cannot meet demand, » said SPC spokesman Samlip.

More Viral!  Pokémon Bread Sold 3.5 Million Fruits in South KoreaUnfortunately, production of Pokémon Bread is currently being discontinued due to too much demand. Photo: SPC Samlip/Koreabood/Sora News 24

Even more unfortunate, it can’t be sure when Pokémon Bread will be produced again. « We don’t have a set date to resume Pokémon Bread production, » the spokesperson added.

This is what makes some people desperate to sell Pokémon Bread at a higher price in the online market. They know a lot of fans. This bread is priced at 3,000-4,000 won or around Rp. 35,400 to Rp. 47,300 per piece.

Several variants of Bread Pokémon even sold for much higher. There are those that cost up to 40,000 won or around IDR 473 thousand!

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