Moves, This Man Always Shows Off Intimacy When Eating With His Grandmother


This man named Bagus Satriyo often shows off his intimacy while eating. Instead of being with his girlfriend or wife, he actually showed off his intimacy while eating with his grandmother.

Not many people show off their daily activities with their grandmother, but not with Bagus Satriyo. He actually has many everyday moments with his grandmother who is 80 years old.

Through his TikTok account @untutvchannel, Bagus always shows his closeness to his grandmother. This man from Pati, Central Java, was flooded with praise from netizens when he often fed his grandmother.

Showing Intimacy While Eating With Grandma Photo: TikTok @untutvchannel

Like when the grandmother had difficulty opening the skin of the rambutan fruit. Bagus tries to help his grandmother but he tries to seduce her first by eating a peeled rambutan.

This action made the grandmother laugh so hard her mouth opened wide. The few teeth that were left were visible from this grandmother. His laugh expression is able to make netizens touched.

The video, which was shared on March 13, 2022, has been viewed more than 12 million times and has invited thousands of netizen comments.

Not only once, Bagus also often uploads videos when he eats bananas, rice and noodles with his grandmother. The grandmother named Mbah Suwini also looks happy because she often shows off her laughter.

Netizens who saw the closeness of this grandson and grandmother also felt touched. Thousands of comments always fill every Good video post.

« My mouth is laughing but why are the tears falling, I miss my mother, » said netizens.

« Hopefully they are both healthy, always given a lot of sustenance by God, given a long life and always successful, amen, God, » said a netizen praying for the two.

« Arghhh, the laugh is really funny. Cheer up, Grandma, I hope you will prolong your life, Grandma and I hope you are always with your grandchildren, » said another netizen.

When confirmed by Detikcom (29/3), Bagus said he only uploaded daily videos with his grandmother, who is now 80 years old. He didn’t expect it to go viral and get a lot of netizen comments.

Showing Intimacy While Eating With GrandmaShowing Intimacy While Eating With Grandma Photo: TikTok @untutvchannel

Bagus also hopes that the video he uploads can be an inspiration to love his parents more.

« Hopefully it can inspire everyone. Thank you all, hopefully with my vt we all will not forget the struggle of our parents, » said Bagus.

Apart from TikTok, Bagus also often uploads togetherness with his grandmother through his Instagram and YouTube accounts. Again, through these two social media platforms, Bagus and Suwini’s grandmother managed to get a lot of attention.

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