Negative Covid-19, Nakagami Ready to Compete in MotoGP Argentina

LCR Honda Idemitsu racer Takaaki Nakagami has been declared fit for the MotoGP race in Argentina this weekend. He was also declared recovered, having previously been exposed to Covid-19.

« LCR Honda racer Idemitsu Nakagami has tested negative for COVID-19. It is estimated that he will arrive in time for the race in Argentina, » the LCR Honda team said in a statement.

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It is known, Nakagami made a profit behind the postponement of the MotoGP series at the Termas de Rio Hondo Circuit, Argentina. The delay of the plane carrying logistics, made the racing event delayed.

Considering that the Japanese racer was previously declared not to be participating in the Argentine MotoGP, because the results of the Covid-19 test were positive.

With the postponement of the competition, the LCR Honda team again carried out a covid-19 test on Nakagami and luckily the result was negative.

Nagakami also flew to Argentina to undergo a free practice session, as well as qualifying on Saturday local time. (OL-11)