Official Athlete Directory Site Launched

The Indonesian Internet Domain Name Manager (Pandi) officially launched the website as a directory for athletes who excel and bring the fragrance of the Indonesian nation to the world stage.

The launch of the directory was carried out at the Nusantara Culture Webinar series three with the theme Culture of achieving achievement (26/3) in Bali. The speakers at the event were former senior athletes who shone in their time, namely Tan Joe Hok, Yayuk Basuki, Ivana Lie, and senior sports journalist Anton Sanjaya. The moderators of the event were Richard Mengko and Erry Riyana Hardjapamekas.

Pandi’s Deputy Head of Business Development, Cooperation and Marketing, Heru Nugroho said the idea titled Indonesia Proud that was formed by his party was expected to be a forum for Indonesian athletes who excel from time to time.

« This directory of athletes can be a useful and inspiring reference for future generations. So that future generations can remember and inspire millennials to be able to achieve and exceed their previous achievements, » said Heru.

In addition, Heru said that the Indonesia Proud directory program has also received support from the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture (Kemenko PMK), to be able to make it happen together.

“Athletes sacrificed their childhood which was full of play and worked hard for the glory of their homeland. That is the value that can be transferred to the younger generation, not only when they become champions, but how they (athletes) proceed to get there, « said Anton.

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Then Yayuk, who is a former Indonesian tennis player, said that to become a champion, of course, it takes more than just skills, but also culture and mentality. « Achievements are made not only born, to become champions all by process, nothing is instant, » said Yayuk.

In line with Yayuk, former Indonesian badminton player Ivana also said that to become a champion, it is not only about winning but also working hard to achieve it. “Success is formed by persistence so that it becomes a character and has a stronger mentality. To be an athlete, you must be able to overcome stress, pressure, and failure.

Then Richard conveyed the conclusions from the speakers that being an athlete is not an easy thing, a price must be paid like athletes who sacrificed the joy of playing in their childhood to serve the world of sports in order to make the nation proud. Likewise, the mentality of a champion is not something that can be found without effort.

Richard hopes that this directory will have a positive impact on the younger generation. « Through the athlete directory built by Pandi, it is hoped that it can motivate and inspire the next generation to have a winning mentality in their chosen field, » he concluded. (R-3)