PB Perserosi Tightens Rules for Roller Skating Training on Highways

SECRETARY General of the Executive Board of the All-Indonesian Roller Skate Sports Association (PB Perserosi) Sandra Erawanto said he would tighten the rules for training on the highway.

The sport of roller skating is in the spotlight considering the viral video when a number of athletes practiced on Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jakarta, Sunday (8/5). Sandra regretted the action and had asked for clarification from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Administration Agency.

“There are two things that we highlight about this incident. First, there was negligence and lack of preparation and procedures that were carried out and have been clarified by the DKI Jakarta Company, in this case, Pak Muhammad Sal as the general chairman,” said Sandra, quoted Friday (13/5).

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Second, continued the doctoral student at Universiti Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, that it is true that some of those who train on the road are Papuan PON gold-winning athletes from DKI who are being prepared to undergo the 2022 Asian Games national training camp in Hangzhou, China.

He also said that based on the clarification from the DKI Perserosi, the athletes were practicing because the official arena at the Jakarta International Roller Track Arena (JIRTA) was still closed and only opened on Monday (9/5).

Previously, the DKI Perserosi publicly apologized for the incident.

“Yesterday was a 42 km marathon practice. However, friends in DKI admitted that there was a mistake that the training process should have an escort both in front and behind the group of athletes,” he said.

Sandra said the incident was a lesson for roller skating activists who had to share the road with other users.

“If there is a formal use of a special road and so on, it must be in writing so that there is a special area, special sign, and special security,” he said.

The reason is that training on the road is usually done, especially for marathon specialist roller skaters, but with special provisions and procedures.

Widyaiswara of the Ministry of State Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia also revealed that in Europe, such as Germany and the Netherlands, marathon athletes usually train on the road.

“The children who practiced yesterday are Indonesian heroes in the international world who raised the Red and White. Some of them won internationally. That is an important record and they must be escorted when they practice,” said Sandra.

Sandra took the good side of the incident. He believes that the government, especially the Provincial Government of DKI, will pay more attention to providing a special track for marathon roller skates who practice on the highway.

According to him, Indonesia has many potential athletes under the auspices of the Company. For this reason, many athletes’ training arenas are needed to support achievement.

“We hope that the negative will certainly not happen again and we also hope that bicycle lanes can be used for rollerblading because in other countries this is the case. We hope for support from the government to provide space for the Company, including our administrators in the region, to help use the venue,” he concluded. (Ant/OL-1)