Percasi Board of 2022-2026 Period Officially Inaugurated

The Indonesian Chess Management (Percasi) for the 2022-2026 period was officially inaugurated in Jakarta, Friday (1/4). The inauguration was carried out by the General Chairman of the Indonesian National Sports Committee Marciano Norman.

Utut Adianto, as it is known, has returned to lead Percasi after becoming General Chair of the previous period. When Utut, who is also a Grand Master, led Percasi, Indonesia had become the overall champion at the 2019 SEA Games which was held in the Philippines.

« In your hands, Indonesia will be great because of your contribution, » Marciano said in his speech.

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Meanwhile, after the inauguration, Utut said that Percasi must focus on producing superior chess players. Therefore he stressed the importance of continuous coaching. The development process also cannot stop.

« Training, sending players, and evaluating players are very important to improve Indonesian chess achievements, » said Utut.

In his leadership term for the next 4 years, Utut will also be assisted by Susanto Megaranto who is also a Grand Master. Susanto is a chess player who actively defends Indonesia in various competitions. He occupies the position of Deputy Chair of Development and Achievement. (R-3)