Personality Test: First Picture of a Rabbit or Tortoise You See?


Curious about your real personality? Personality tests can answer your curiosity. Because sometimes not everyone really understands the nature and personality of himself.

By taking a personality test, you can know your traits and character better. Although sometimes the results do not promise 100% correct, but these tests can help answer your curiosity.

As quoted from News Collective, this one personality test can reveal your personality. If you’re curious, let’s take the test! It’s easy, just look at the image below and say which image you saw first. If so, match it with the answer below.

Personality Test Photo: News Collective

Have seen the pictures and have an answer? If so, match it with the information below.


If the first picture you see is a turtle, it means you are a sensitive person. You can make decisions without letting your feelings take over. You are a gentle and caring person. You also don’t like conflict and always try to stay away from it. You stand out for your sincerity. Although from the outside you appear to be a calm person, but inside you are like a volcano that is about to erupt.


If the first picture on a personality test you see is a rabbit then you are a highly opinionated person. You are very rarely influenced by the heart when making choices. You are very objective in making decisions, are responsible, and also have a high commitment. You always say what’s really on your mind without being filtered first. Apart from that you also know exactly what you really want in life. You can solve problems in a very fast and practical way.

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