Personality Test: The First Picture of a Snake or Skull You See?


Personality tests are one way to reveal your true character and traits. If you are still curious about your true nature and personality, then you can try this personality test. Although the results are not 100% relevant, but at least it can answer your curiosity.

As quoted from Infobae, this personality test can reveal the true nature and personality that you have. Curious as to what?

If you are curious to try, the method is very easy. You just have to look at the image below and tell me what was the first image you saw, a snake or a skull? If so, match the answer with the explanation below.

Personality Test Photo: Infobae


If the first picture you see is a snake, it means you are an observant person. You don’t like being ordered or forced to do things. Compared to a long term relationship, you prefer to choose a short but memorable relationship. You don’t believe in love for life. On the other hand, your friends see you as someone they can trust. That’s why you know a lot of the secrets of those closest to you. You prefer a painful truth to a sweet lie. You are confident and cannot tolerate hypocrisy.


If the first picture you see is a skull, it means that you are a philanthropist. For you family is the most important thing. And for those you love you are willing to give everything. Even at certain times you put others above yourself. But unfortunately you find it difficult to say no so it often makes you feel stressed and have a headache. You treat others the way you would want others to do to you. But if other people hurt you, you will forgive them easily. That’s because you don’t like to hold grudges.