Personality Test: Which Fingerprint or Plane Image Did You See First?


Curious about your real personality? Personality tests can answer your curiosity. Because sometimes not everyone really understands the nature and personality of himself.

By taking a personality test, you can know your traits and character better. Although sometimes the results do not promise 100% correct, but these tests can help answer your curiosity.

As quoted from News Collective, this one personality test can reveal your personality. If you’re curious, let’s take the test! It’s easy, just look at the image below and say which image you saw first. If so, match it with the answer below.

Personality Test Photo: News Collective

Have seen the pictures and have an answer? If so, match it with the information below.


You are a restless person. You will not follow all orders around you. If you feel that your current environment cannot make you grow, then you will leave it. Similarly, at work, you don’t like being in your comfort zone. In addition, you are also a very loyal and loving person. You think that life is too short to be spent suffering. You often try and test your knowledge to start in a new direction.


If the first picture on a personality test that you see is an airplane, it means that you are a very liberal and responsible person. You are always ready to help anyone who needs your helping hand and also very generous. Besides that, you are also quite good at making decisions so that not a few people often make you an advisor. But never expect anything in return for the things you have given. You really hate people who are a negative influence.