Personality Test: Which Hand or Heart Did You See First?


Personality tests are one way to reveal your true character and traits. If you are still curious about your true nature and personality, then you can try this personality test. Although the results are not 100% relevant, but at least it can answer your curiosity.

As quoted from News Collective, this personality test can reveal the true nature and personality that you have. Curious as to what?

If you are curious to try, the method is very easy. You just have to look at the image below and tell me what was the first thing you saw, a hand or a heart? If so, match the answer with the explanation below.

Personality Test Photo: News Collective


You are an easily agitated person. To test your skills, you have to look for new adventures. Your comfort zone is not a good place for you to grow. Therefore you need to leave the environment that actually makes you too comfortable and undeveloped. Besides that, you also don’t like being regulated. You hate it when someone tells you what to do. In relationships, you are known to be loyal and loving.


If the first image in this personality test that you see is a heart then it means you have a different way of thinking than most people. You don’t have any prejudice against the people around you. You always have an open mind and let yourself go through everything that comes your way. For you family is the most important. You always try to look for the positive side of things. In addition, you also tend to forgive easily and do not like to hold grudges. You love to enjoy the freedom and free time outdoors.

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