Personality Test: Which Picture of a Person or Piano Did You See for the First Time?


Personality tests can be one way to find out the real character in you that you may not know yourself. Although the results do not guarantee 100% correct, but the test can answer your curiosity.

Reporting from News Collective, this personality test can reveal the true character in you. Curious as to what? It’s easy, you just need to look at the image below and tell me what’s the first image you saw, a picture of a person or a piano?

Personality Test Photo: News Collective


If the first picture you see is of a person, it means that you are a person who often worries. You often make up stories in your head that might not actually happen in the real world. And in the end it just makes you feel scared and in difficult times. You are a loyal person and will not do things on purpose to hurt other people. But you hate the most when you get rejected. In a relationship, you are a person who gets jealous easily. In addition, you also assume that everyone must have a good half in him.


If the first picture you see in this personality test is a piano, it means you are creative, observant, and well-spoken. Compared to the average person, you tend to stand out more. That’s because of the positive behavior you have. For you family is the most important. Sometimes because you think too much about the happiness of others, you often forget about your own happiness. In addition, you also always see the positive side of whatever you experience.

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