Plans to change name, Lewis Hamilton will add his mother’s name

Seven-time Formula 1 (F1) world champion Lewis Hamilton has announced that he is in the process of changing his name to include his mother’s surname, Larbalestier.

Speaking on stage at the Dubai Expo 2020 event on Monday (15/3) local time, Hamilton revealed that he was working on changing his name to keep his mother’s name alive as part of his legacy in F1.

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Hamilton’s parents, Anthony Hamilton and Carmen Larbalestier, are known to have separated when the Briton was two years old.

« I am very proud of my family name, Hamilton, » Hamilton said, quoted from Crash, Tuesday (15/3).

« None of you may know that my mother’s name is Larbalestier and I was just about to put it in my name. »

« Because I don’t fully understand the idea that when a woman gets married, the woman loses their name. And my mother, I really want her name to continue (together) with the name Hamilton, » he explained.

Asked if he would race under his new name at this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix, Hamilton hoped he would be able to use his new name.

« Hopefully soon, I don’t know if it’s this weekend but we’re working on it, » Hamilton said. (Rif/Crash/OL-6)