Playing in the hidden paradise of Purwakarta, there is a Mahrom & Leuwi Goong waterfall


What are the interesting destinations to visit in Purwakarta. If interested, visit this Mahrom and Leuwi Goong waterfall.

Kertamanah Village, Sukasari District, Purwakarta Regency has a lot of tourism potential that can attract tourist visits.

Kertamanah Village Head (Kades) Rahmat Iskandar said Kertamanah Village has extraordinary tourism potential, but has not been managed optimally.

« In general, there is a lot of tourism potential that can be explored in Kertamanah Village. Like Curug Mahrom, its natural conditions are still very beautiful, so it has its own charm for tourists, » said Rahmat to secondsJabar some time ago.

He added, in accordance with the natural conditions of the location of the Kertamanah village, after going through deliberation with community leaders, we decided to organize the attractions of Curug Mahrom and Leuwi Goong.

Curug Mahrom and Leuwi Goong, tourism potential in Purwakarta (Photo: Dian Firmansyah/detikcom)

« If we look at one of the most productive Village Original Income (PAD) in our village is a water tourism object and this is in collaboration with BUMDes, » said Rahmat.

To go to the location of Curug Mahrom, he said, there is no adequate road access. Visitors must ride a motorbike down a rocky path in the middle of the forest, then continue on foot.

« The visitor’s motorbike is parked on the residents’ land, after this visitors walk to the mahrom waterfall. Now we are arranging so that the visiting people have no difficulty walking to the mahrom waterfall. Nature tourism lovers, of course, will be challenged to go to tourist objects in the middle of the forest which is still very natural, » explained Rahmat.

He admits that various efforts to develop natural tourism have been carried out, but until now they are still constrained by limited funding.

« We need a lot of support, so that access to these tourist attractions can be opened properly, » he said.

Curug Mahrom and Leuwi Goong, Tourism Potential in PurwakartaCurug Mahrom and Leuwi Goong, tourism potential in Purwakarta (Photo: Dian Firmansyah/detikcom)

Rahmat hopes that with the opening of access to waterfall tourism at Curug Mahrom, of course, this area will become a tourist destination, and can improve the economy of local residents through tourist destinations.

« Later on, the access will be in line, and tourism and the agricultural sector will be mutually beneficial. With the opening of the Mahrom Waterfall tourist attraction, it will have a positive impact on the surrounding community in terms of the economy, » he said.

« Not only that, above Curug Mahrom there is another water tourism destination, namely Curug Leuwi Kancah and in the future it will be arranged as well, » he concluded.


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