Popular Tourist Options in Surabaya: Photos at the Snow Expanse of Trans Snow World


Citizens of tropical countries like Indonesia usually have to spend a lot of money to enjoy a vacation in the snow. Because, the atmosphere of a snowy winter can only be found in western countries or East Asia.

But, now there is a more economical option for a vacation to enjoy the snow. Especially for the Suroboyo area, a stretch of snow can be found at Trans Snow World Surabaya.

Trans Snow World, a snow game in Indonesia will be coming soon in Surabaya. The opening of Trans Snow World Surabaya is scheduled for August 5.

After the family recreation area was opened, residents of Surabaya and its surroundings could enjoy a vacation in a snowy environment. Trans Snow World Surabaya raises the atmosphere of winter in Japan as the background of the place.

Photo: Doc. Trans Snow World Surabaya

Not only playing snowballs, at Trans Snow World Surabaya visitors can also enjoy various game rides. There is a cable car that can be boarded to take pictures with the background of a vast expanse of snow like being in the Land of Sakura.

Want a little adrenaline rush? Of course you can, because there are ski rides at Trans Snow World Surabaya. Visitors will feel the fun and excitement of sliding on a pile of slippery snow.

Oh yes, because the Trans Snow World room is super cold, visitors must wear clothes that are suitable for the winter atmosphere. If you don’t have thick jackets, scarves, and so on, you don’t need to worry because at Trans Snow World there is a snow store that provides jackets, warm clothes, scarves, gloves and others so that visitors feel comfortable while playing on snow rides.

Trans Snow World SurabayaPhoto: Doc. Trans Snow World Surabaya

Can’t wait to take a vacation and take pictures in the snow that are aesthetically pleasing? Trans Snow World Surabaya tickets can be purchased starting August 1, at a price of IDR 225 thousand for weekdays and IDR 275 thousand for weekends.

Just invite your family, friends, couples for a fun Japanese-style vacation at Trans Snow World Surabaya, which is located on the F3 floor of The Trans Icon Mall Jl. Ahmad Yani No.260, Siwalankerto, Kec. Wonocolo, Surabaya City, East Java. More information about tickets and more can be found here.