Preparation for the FIBA ​​Asia Cup 2022 continues to be accelerated

The Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic has held a Coordination Meeting (Rakor) related to the implementation of the 2022 FIBA ​​ASIA CUP which is planned to be held in Jakarta in July 2022.

Acting Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Jonni Mardizal said, in the meeting, all ministries and institutions provided support for the FIBA ​​ASIA CUP 2022 activities.

« Alhamdulillah, we have heard from ministries and institutions that basically support the FIBA ​​ASIA Cup 2022 activities which will be held next July, a very short time, hopefully good coordination and cooperation of all of us can be carried out well, » said Jonni Mardizal in an official statement from the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

He said, all ministry agencies had agreed to their respective roles, for example the Police related to security, the Ministry of Transportation related to transportation, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights related to immigration and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs related to passports and diplomats and the DKI Jakarta Regional Government also provided support.

« Hopefully the FIBA ​​ASIA CUP activities run well and smoothly, making Indonesia proud. We will show the world that Indonesia is safe, healthy and can hold international events, » he hoped.

Regarding health protocols, Jonni ensured that this activity would implement strict health protocols, following the development of COVID-19 cases, including related to quarantine policies for athletes and officials.

« If I’m not mistaken, as of April 1, there will be no quarantine anymore, now try it in Bali. However, during the implementation, if there are any changes, we will coordinate with the Covid Task Force and information from the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, » he said.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of the Central Executive Board of the All-Indonesian Basketball Association, Nirmala Dewi, said she was grateful that all ministries and institutions provided support for this activity.

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« Thank God, everyone gave full support, we know this is for Red and White, and there are no specific problems, this is just a matter of coordination, » he said.

On the same occasion, the Chairman of the Committee, Junas Miradiarsyah, revealed that the success of the FIBA ​​ASIA CUP activity was a benchmark for Indonesia to be able to talk about basketball at the international level.

« Hopefully the preparations will be even more steady and earlier all ministers gave solid support. So we as the committee are increasingly motivated to give the best, » he said.

Previously, in this meeting, Junas explained the FIBA ​​ASIA CUP 2022 activity plan. According to him, this activity will later be held on 12-24 July 2022 at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. This activity was originally held on 17-29 August 2021. However, it had to be postponed considering the spread of COVID-19 cases which continued to increase at that time.

« The FIBA ​​ASIA CUP 2022 will be attended by 16 participating countries including Australia, China, Iran, New Zealand, India, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Japan, Indonesia, Jordan, South Korea, Lebanon, Taipei, Saudi Arabia and Syria, » said Junas.

Junas also explained that the plan for the arrival of the participating teams was divided into five waves, namely on June 27 the arrival of the Advance Team or FIBA ​​Staff. The second batch on June 28 from the Asian Qualifier participating teams, the third batch on July 1 from the participating teams of the Asian Qualifier, the fourth batch on July 7 FIBA ​​staff and the Officiating Team. The last batch was on July 9th from the FIBA ​​ASIA Cup participant delegation team.

« There are 52 FIBA ​​and official staff, 190 media and TV commentators. Around 480 athletes and officials, » he explained. (OL-7)