PSSI Press Wins Attorney General’s Cup III Futsal Tournament

The Attorney General’s Cup III 2022 Futsal Tournament has ended. The PSSI Press squad won after crushing the Polda Journalists Forum (FWP) with a convincing 4-2 score, Saturday (19/3).

Andri, Fajar (two goals) and Bayu scored the four winning goals for PSSI Press. Meanwhile, Hary and Deby contributed to the goals produced by the Polda Journalist Forum team.

Andri, a PSSI Press player, emerged as the best player in this event by packing eight goals. The goal achievement is exactly the same as that inscribed by Deby. However, the committee agreed to award Deby as the top scorer.

This futsal tournament between Jabotabek media is routinely held by the Attorney General’s Journalists Forum (Forwaka). This activity is also to commemorate National Press Day (HPN).

The Chairperson of Forwaka who is also the Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the Attorney General’s Cup III Futsal Tournament, Zamzam Siregar said this tournament was an event for friendship and strengthening togetherness among members of the press.

Zamzam also appreciated the heads of the Jabotabek media working groups (pokja) who had contributed to sending their proud futsal team to participate in the competition.

This exercise was attended by 20 teams, including the South Jakarta Working Group, Forwaka, Police Headquarters, DPR, Tangerang, Bekasi to Bogor.

« We as the organizers express our gratitude and appreciation to the Chairs of Pokja throughout Jabotabek who have sent a futsal team for the success of the Attorney General’s Cup Tournament, » said Zamzam.

Journalist Daily Publish This adds that Forwaka has succeeded in organizing the third mini-football sporting event to date. Even though it took place in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event still adhered to health protocols (prokes).

« There is no success without full support from stakeholders, especially Attorney General ST Burhanuddin, Deputy Attorney General Sunarta, Kapuspenkum Ketut Sumedana, Head of the South Jakarta District Attorney’s Office Nurcahyo and other officials who we cannot mention one by one. »

The event, which was held at Tibi Futsal, Poltangan, Tanjung Barat, South Jakarta, was opened by the Head of the Legal Information Center (Kapuspenkum) of the Attorney General’s Office, Ketut Sumedana. (J-2)