Rain Handler Rara Wulandari Steals the World’s Attention

Heavy rain delayed the Moto-GP race at the Mandalika Circuit, Sunday (20/3). Dorna Sports as the organizer stated that the race was postponed for one hour and it could only start at 16.00 WITA.

Just as the race was decided to be postponed, suddenly a girl appeared in the area pit lane. He held a golden bowl in his left hand and a 5 cm diameter piece of wood which was approximately 30 cm long in his right hand. There was also incense in his left hand.

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The woman, who was later identified as Rara Isti Wulandari, appeared from the west of the circuit or entrance pit lane. He walked eastward, in front of the garages of each Moto-GP team, banging on the bowl he was holding. Every now and then he raised his hand. His mouth also several times uttered a few words. He did all that in about 15 minutes.

Suddenly the action invites attention and the fans are no exception rider Moto-GP waiting for the rain to stop. They were informed that the woman who was apparently familiarly called Rara was a rain handler. The spectators sitting in the stands across from pit lane also pay attention to the rituals that are carried out by Rara.

Rara was highlighted by hundreds of cameras and cellphones during the action. Social media was also immediately filled with news of Rara trying to make the weather not stop Fabio Quartararo et al from fighting for the title.

Approaching 16.00 WIB or about 30 minutes after Rara’s appearance on the show pit lane, the rain became drizzle. Through TwitterMoto-GP who uploaded Rara’s action said, « It (Rara’s effort) worked. »

After the race, MGPA Director Priandhi Satria said he had no official comment on what Rara was doing. The public are welcome to draw their own conclusions. « Effective or not, it is returned to each person, » he said.

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Priandhi added that his party did not ask for a rain handler when the circuit was flushed. So that Rara’s presence in the circuit area was Dorna’s wish.

In Twitter, Akbar Zein, the owner of the @ariensalaby account, thinks it is very natural that there is a rain handler. According to him, rain handler is a required profession. « There is a market, there are those who hire and it’s work. Big event organizers in Indonesia must have hired the services of a rain handler, » said Akbar. (Parrot/A-3)