Recommendations for Sports Equipment that You Must Have at Home

The pandemic is still not over, even viruses with new names always appear. The increase in cases that always exist until the new version of the virus requires definite action from the government. In addition, we also need to protect ourselves by knowing some ways to stay healthy during a pandemic.

The best way to do this is to limit yourself to being in a crowd. However, we must also maintain our own physical and psychological health so that our immunity is maintained and we are not easily exposed to viruses.

One way that can be done is to exercise at home. Exercise can provide benefits, both physically and psychologically. Both of these of course can affect the immune system in the body.

Since the pandemic, interest in exercising has been very high in demand. This is agreed by the owner of the Lifesports fitness equipment brand, Muhamad Amin Fauzi. He also took the opportunity in the medical equipment business while the demand was high.

« During this pandemic, many people want to exercise but are constrained by space and time. Therefore, Lifesports is here to provide comfortable, modern and quality health and fitness equipment products, to fulfill the people’s desire to always be healthy and active during this pandemic, » said Muhamad Amin Fauzi.

Muhamad Amin Fauzi himself has more than 10 years of experience in the world of fitness health equipment. So it’s easy for him to recommend sports equipment that is suitable for use at home.

From its own products, Lifesports includes manual or electric treadmills, stationary bicycles, elliptical crosstrainers, home gyms, and others. These products can be used to exercise at home without being constrained by space and time.

“Lifesports products are modern and of high quality, and have been officially registered with the government. The Lifesports brand can fulfill people’s desires to exercise at home enough to stay healthy and active during this pandemic, » he explained.

Apart from Lifesports, Muhamad Amin Fauzi is also involved in the retail business of the first fitness health equipment in Indonesia, namely New Quality Group. Where New Quality Group has more than 10 years of experience in offline fitness equipment in Indonesia and has more than 10 branches spread across Indonesia.

Now, in the online era, New Quality Group Go Online, which has also partnered with several brands, namely Lifesports as the main brand, also has Total and Healthfit. Muhamad Amin Fauzi also opened up opportunities for other brands and other collaborations in the field of fitness health equipment to realize physical and spiritual health during this pandemic.

As seen on the Instagram account @official_lifesports or or @newqualitygroup, the health and fitness equipment offered by Muhamad Amin Fauzi is very varied and has many functions. Can be adjusted to the needs of physical and spiritual health while at home.

Modern and varied designs and features give you the opportunity to choose fitness equipment according to your taste freely. There’s no need to bother because through Instagram @official_lifesports or @newqualitygroup people can get fitness equipment easily without waiting long.

« The current health needs of the body are very important, especially during a pandemic like now, Lifesports is a community solution to exercise enough from home, » he added.

Even though it is a new brand, Lifesports is able to compete with other well-known brands. Because, in addition to carrying a modern and futuristic design, the function also varies coupled with an affordable price. This makes it easier for anyone to always exercise at home, especially during this pandemic. (OL-12)