Red Bull Wins at Ferrari Headquarters

TWO Red Bull Racing drivers have successfully mastered the Formula 1 GP Emilia Romagna racing series at the Imola Circuit, Italy, Sunday (24/4) night. Max Verstappen emerged victorious in first place, followed by his partner Sergio Perez in second.

Verstappen managed to dominate at Imola because the day before he also won the sprint race and got eight additional points. Errors made Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) who failed to reach the podium. The desire to perform brilliantly at the Prancing Horse team’s headquarters in front of the fanatic Tifosi fans was dashed.

Leclerc, who tried to catch Perez to take second place, slipped on lap 54 or nine laps before finishing. The condition of some parts of the track that were still a little wet after the rain caused a slippery racing situation.

The F1-75 Leclerc car skidded against the track barrier and damaged its front wing. Leclerc also had to enter the pit lane to replace it.

The mistake was paid dearly by Leclerc thrown from third to ninth. Luckily he was still able to finish the race and recover some positions to finish in sixth.

Verstappen took the lead with a comfortable 16.5-second gap to Perez. The victory also made his position in the standings boosted to second place (59 points) behind Leclerc (86 points) while Perez pushed up to third place (54 points).

« As a team we did well. The results of the first and second podiums were amazing and we deserved it, » said Verstappen after the race.

The third podium was occupied by Lando Norris (McLaren) who profited from the slipping of Leclerc. Another Ferrari driver, Carlos Sainz, was forced out of the race on the first lap after being involved in an incident with Daniel Ricciardo. (OL-15)