RMI Confidence in Repaving the Mandalika Circuit

The Mandalika CIRCUIT is ready to present the fierce MotoGP race of the Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia, whose series will start Friday (18/3) to Sunday (20/3). The main contractor for the circuit construction, Roadgrip Motor Indonesia (RMI), is confident that the quality of the Mandalika track will present a slick race.

« Honestly this is going very well. The results we got with the re-paving made us absolutely sure we were getting the best possible results that could be obtained in a very short time, » said RMI General Manager Simon Gardini as reported by the official MotoGP website.

Simon said that the asphalt grip on the 1.6 km repaired section of the track is now much better. Experts involved in the repair have tested the grip to increase up to 80%.

The contractor team has also prepared parts of the track that are not re-paved. Cleaning and testing are carried out regularly so that the grip quality does not disparate with the re-paved part.

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Simon said the layout of the Mandalika circuit was extraordinary and the area was very beautiful. There is also Bukit 360 on the side of bend 10 which has views in all directions. There, three lounge facilities have been completed.

« This is an amazing place and everyone has made sure that we do everything we can to make the track surface as good as the rest, » he said.

« We’re not nervous but of course because it’s a high profile event, we want to see how everything goes and how the two asphalt surfaces operate together and a great Moto-GP race goes on. »

The series of Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia started on Friday (18/3) with the first and second free practice sessions. The third free practice was held on Saturday (19/3) followed by a qualifying session on the same day. The race will be held on Sunday (20/3).(OL-5)