Rousing! The Coal Community Holds a Tapai Party Ahead of Ramadan


Ahead of Ramadan, in some parts of Indonesia there are usually special celebrations or events. The community of Dahari Selebar village, Batu Bara was no exception with this lively tapai party.

One of the unique traditions of welcoming Ramadan is in Batu Bara Regency, North Sumatra (Sumut). Precisely in the village of Dahari Selebar, Talawi District.

The tapai party is a unique name and tradition for the people here to sell a variety of traditional Malay food typical of Batu Bara. Villagers flock to make tapai, lemang, and various other traditional cakes for sale.

While the buyers do not only come from the surrounding community. This legendary tapai party invites visits from various regions to increase the residents’ economic income.

« This tapai party has probably existed since 1945, not to mention Indonesia’s independence. Because from our great-grandfathers it has existed. As a form of joy for the community to welcome fasting, » said Efendi, Head of Dahari Selebar Village when talking with reporters, Friday (1/01). 4/2022).

Rousing! The Coal Community Holds a Tapai Party Ahead of Ramadan Photo: detikFood/Prime Ramadhan

He said the tapai party was only held in his village. Usually the villagers have started selling since the middle of the month of Sha’ban in the Hijri calendar or two weeks before the first day of fasting. They open their stalls from 5 pm to 12 pm.

« According to our records, there are 107 traders registered by the trading community. But it could be more, » he said.

Even though they sell the same kinds of food, the villagers admit that they are not afraid and believe that everyone has their own luck. There are 10 hamlets in Dahari Selebar village, 5 of which people sell the same variety of food along the road for approximately 5 kilometers.

« Everything that is sold on average is the same, there are tapai, lemang, lunkhead, karas – karas, rendang kepah and various other traditional foods, » said Efendi.

Rousing!  The Coal Community Holds a Tapai Party Ahead of RamadanRousing! The Coal Community Holds a Tapai Party Ahead of Ramadan Photo: detikFood/Prime Ramadhan

According to Efendy, in the past, when the area was a small village, many traders from outside came to sell their beef or buffalo to local residents to eat while fasting.

« Because of the large number of cattle and buffalo traders from outside who come, it is customary for people to serve guest food with tapai or lemang. But after a while the tapai lemang is also sold to traders. This is what has made the habit of eating tapai and lemang crowded for decades before fasting , » he said.

Lasting decades until now, the Tapai Festival has become an annual culinary tourism tradition every Sha’ban month. The buyers do not only come from the surrounding community, but also from outside the area.

A resident of Labuhanbatu, Misniati, for example, admitted that she came to buy lemang and tapai in Dahari Selebar Village. Together with his family members, he admits that every year he comes here specifically to buy various snacks and traditional Malay foods.

« Every time you want to fast, you must stop by here to buy lemang. You also want to make a pilgrimage, » he said.

Iswanto, one of the traders, explained that he can eat 70-80 sticks of lemang and almost 5 kilograms of tapai every day. He has been selling to enliven this tapai party since the time of his parents.

« In the past, parents used to sell this every year before fasting. Not bad to increase income before Ramadan, » he said.

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