School Holidays Arrived! Let’s Go Around the Jakarta Museum and Learn Art-History


There are many museums in that can be the right choice to spend useful time with family and friends.

Visiting museums is now no longer a boring activity. This is because many museums have been transformed into more modern and can be enjoyed by all people, including the museums in the capital city of Jakarta, which are now in their 495th year.

In this moment of school holidays, there are many museums in that can be the right choice to spend useful time with family and friends. Various museums in have their own charm, from getting to know Indonesian history to enjoying legendary artworks and contemporary works #DiIndonesiaAja.

Here are five museums in that are suitable as destinations during school holidays.

1. Art1

Art1: New Museum Photo: Instagram/Art1newmuseum

For fans of contemporary painting, Art1: New Museum can be the right choice to spend your vacation time. Located in Gunung Sahari Utara, Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta, Art1 offers a wide collection of works of art belonging to contemporary and legendary masters in Indonesia.

With a building area of ​​4,000 square meters, Art1 has a number of works of art from Indonesian and international artists, as well as works dating back to the 1940s. The museum also features a merchandise shop to a comfortable outdoor area. Besides being able to see works of art, visitors can also explore modern interior architecture and are designed with attractive designs.

2. National Gallery of Indonesia

National Gallery of IndonesiaNational Gallery of Indonesia Photo: Instagram/@galerinasional

The National Gallery of Indonesia offers various art exhibitions that can be enjoyed for free. There are various permanent collections that include works by major Indonesian and international artists such as Raden Saleh, Affandi, Wassily Kandinsky, to Hans Hartung.

In addition to paintings, the National Gallery of Indonesia also exhibits other works of art such as sketches, graphics, sculptures, ceramics, photography, craft art, and installation art. Currently, there are 1,785 works of art in the National Gallery of Indonesia.

In addition to exhibiting works of art, the National Gallery of Indonesia also often holds seminars, discussions, workshops, performance art, and film/video screenings. Interestingly, at certain times, there are also festivals and competitions that are often held.

3. MACAN Museum

Solo Exhibition of Agus Suwage Theater of Me at Museum MACAN JakartaSolo Exhibition of Agus Suwage Theater of Me at Museum MACAN Photo: Courtesy of Museum MACAN

Want to spoil your eyes with a collection of Indonesian artists? Try to visit the MACAN Museum which presents a beautiful and interesting collection of modern and contemporary art from Indonesia and various parts of the world.

Here, visitors can enjoy various painting exhibitions that vary from time to time. There is also a collection of great Indonesian works such as Raden Saleh and S. Sudjojono, as well as works by international artists such as Yayoi Kusama, Keith Haring, and Sigmar Polke.

Interestingly, MACAN Museum also presents a special exhibition tour program for MACAN Society members. Not only that, this museum also has fun activities for children. In fact, visitors can even visit shops that provide merchandise to buy art books, T-shirts, or stationery.

4. National Museum of Indonesia

National Museum of IndonesiaNational Museum of Indonesia Photo: Shutterstock/

The National Museum of Indonesia or more commonly known as the Elephant Museum is often used as a vacation destination for residents. Not only fun, the National Museum can also be a place that can add insight. The reason is, in this museum, there is a room that presents various Indonesian history. Starting from inscriptions, ancient statues, to handicrafts from historical relics.

Not far from the National Museum of Indonesia, there is also a National Monument that can be visited. Here, visitors can find about 30 dioramas depicting the history of the Indonesian people when they won independence.

Not only learning history, visitors can also explore the Monas area by bicycle. Moreover, currently there are bike-sharing services or bicycle rentals that can be used. That way, visitors can also go on sports tours with their families.

5. Fatahillah Park

Fatahillah ParkFatahillah Park Photo: Shutterstock/

Jakartans are of course familiar with Fatahillah Park. The park, which is better known as the Old City area, has indeed become one of the most favorite tourist destinations for residents of and abroad. So, don’t be surprised if you find many tourists passing by in this place.

In Fatahillah Park, there are various historical museums in Indonesia, one of which is the History Museum or better known as the Fatahillah Museum. This museum is a city hall during the Dutch colonial period.

Built in 1710, the History Museum has historical objects including objects from the Dutch East Indies Company, historic maps, paintings, ceramics, furniture, to ancient inscriptions and swords. There is also the richest collection of Betawi style furniture from the 17th to 19th centuries.

Apart from the History Museum, there are various other museums in the Kota Tua area, including the Puppet Museum and the Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum. When visiting here, don’t forget to enjoy cycling using an ontel bicycle which is the hallmark of the Old City.

Well, those are some museums that can be visited. Come on, take advantage of the moment to celebrate Jakarta’s 495th Anniversary by traveling to various iconic museums in Jakarta! Although the development of COVID-19 cases in the capital city continues to improve, there is nothing wrong with continuing to implement strict health protocols. So, you can prevent the transmission of cases and take care of yourself.

Also make sure to immediately complete vaccinations to boosters at the nearest health facility or vaccination center. This is in line with Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno’s call to control the pandemic.

“I always say that we must maintain the momentum of this revival by ensuring our vigilance is in accordance with the government’s directives on how we must respond to this new variant so that the pandemic remains under control,” said Sandiaga at the ‘Bali Arts Festival’, Sunday (12/6).

“There is always this concern, but I am optimistic that if we are disciplined in following the government’s directives, we can get through this new variant like we went through the previous conditions,” he concluded.

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