Scores 51 points, Saddiq Bey sets a new record in his career in the NBA

FORWARD Detroit Pistons Saddiq Bey set a new record in his NBA career where he scored 51 points, a career high.

This achievement was made by Bey in the follow-up game for the 2021/2022 NBA season, which brought together the Detroit Pistons versus Orlando Megic, which also led the Pistons to win 134-120, Friday (18/3) WIB.

Bey’s streak also marked the game with a player scoring 50 points for the eighth time in the league so far in March, the most in a calendar month over the past 50 seasons, according to ESPN Stats & Information research.

The last time that achievement was in December 1962, when there were nine games with a basketball player scoring 50 points.

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In all, 17 games with 50 points have been scored this season, and Bey is the 13th player to do so.

With Bey currently only 22 years old, this achievement also makes him the youngest player to score 50 points in the history of the Pistons.

« I think it just flowed through the game, » Bey said of his achievement.

« I didn’t come into the game saying this is what I was going to do, but I caught the rhythm and things just went. My teammates also did a great job of pushing me to stay aggressive. »

In action, Bey, who previously had a career high of 34 points, finished the first half in spectacular fashion, as she scored five points in less than five seconds.

Seeing Bey’s extraordinary form, Pistons coach Dwane Casey said the performance was a solace for his squad, who are currently mired in 14th place in the Eastern Conference standings.

Although it looks difficult to get back up and grab a place in the play-offs with 12 games remaining, Bey’s performance is proof that the Pistons can still perform brilliantly.

« Building back was too difficult, » said Detroit coach Dwane Casey, « but there are many beautiful moments that we can display like tonight, » he said. (Rif/ESPN/OL-09)