Sean Makes Great Results in WEC 2022 Open Series

Indonesian racer Sean Gelael and Team WRT #31 won brilliant results in the opening series of the 2022 World Endurance Championship (WEC) at the Sebring International Circuit, Florida, United States, Friday (18/3) night WIB.

In the eight-hour WEC race titled 1000 Miles of Sebring, Sean and Team WRT #31 managed to open the 2022 season by taking the second podium.

« Of course I’m happy with this result. Finishing in second place is a good start, and for the WRT team it’s even better because we finished second and third. We certainly want to win and that can only be achieved with hard work. The season is still long,  » said Sean in his official statement, Saturday (19/3).

A number of dramas colored the opening of the FIA ​​WEC series, starting smoothly and almost without drama. But halfway through, incident after incident occurred until the race ended.

Sean got the first share to drive the WRT #31 car. Assigned to save tires and fuel, the 25-year-old racer didn’t force himself to immediately accelerate at the beginning. considering that from the start WRT cars were always unfriendly to hot weather

Starting the race in fourth position, Sean, who was not too fast, had dropped to eighth and ninth, before he was replaced by Robin Frinjs to take over the wheel.

After Robin Frinjs took over, the race had to be stopped due to Jose Maria Lopez (Toyota) having a terrible accident, WRT #31 took a lot of advantage after the race resumed.

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The position of WRT #31 also crawled up with a narrow margin, they managed to secure the second position very comfortably. Rene Rast replaced Robin Frinjs behind the wheel and WRT #31 stayed in second.

About an hour before the finish, a storm appeared on the circuit. Race Director, Eduardo Freitas then decided to stop racing again. The reason is, according to local regulations, if there is a storm, the residents must be protected.

Because the rain did not stop and night was approaching, the race was finally declared over. Sean, Rene, and Robin Frinjs were also named runners-up under the main champion team United Autosports USA #23.

« At the beginning of the race we had difficulties because of the heat. But then it got better. And before the finish I hoped for rain, but the race was stopped. However, this is a good start for the team, » said Frinjs

« The hot weather really made it difficult for us at the start of the race. But we then bounced back when the temperature started to get colder, » added Rene.

Meanwhile, Team WRT #31 will then travel to Belgium, where the next FIA WEC Series will be held at the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit with the headline 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps on 7 May 2022. (OL-7)