Sergio Sanjaya Becomes the Dark Horse in the 2022 Danpaspampres Cup

The 2022 Danpaspampres Cup shooting CHAMPIONSHIP surprisingly presented a dark horse. One of them is a participant named Sergio Sanjaya who won 1st place in PCC Junior and 2nd place in Open Grade D.

« I am very ready and adapt quickly when competing so that I can reach the podium, » said Sergio in Jakarta, Monday (14/3).

Sergio presented the two trophies to Olga Giovanni Darmawan’s father who is serving in South Sumatra. In addition, Sergio also expressed his appreciation to the instructor of the Presidential Security Forces (Paspampres) who had trained the 6th grade elementary school student.

The 13-year-old young athlete showed an achievement in the 2021 Dankormar Cup shooting competition which took place at the Marine Field, Cilandak, South Jakarta.

Sergio is an elementary school student who won 1st Place in the 2021 Dankormar Cup after previously being a dark horse in the championship.

His shrewdness in shooting got maximum results in one of the official and prestigious events in Indonesia.

The child who was born in Solo on 9 September 2009 was initially not taken into account in the 2021 Dankormar Cup shooting championship in the Junior class. However, the participants were finally silenced when the reaction shot session they took took only 9 seconds.

« I am grateful that I finally won first place and I am one of the smallest participants in the championship. This will be my capital for other matches, » he said.

The awards that Sergio won include IPSC Reaction Shooting Championship, 2021 Eager Championship Cup, 2nd Place Junior Pistol, 3rd Place Junior Pistol Caliber Carbine, Dankormar Cup 2021 Championship, 2nd Place Junior Open Pistol, 1st Place Junior Caliber Carbine Pistol.

Boyolali Brimob DanSat Cup Championship, 2nd Place Junior Open Pistol, 1st Place Junior Caliber Carbine, 2021 Kasal Cup Championship, 3rd Place Junior Grade Pistol Open, 2nd Place Junior Caliber Carbine Pistol, and Kasal Cup winner in Cilandak.

Currently, Sergio continues to train hard in practicing his shooting skills in order to take part in the Asian championship in Thailand this year.

« For that I will continue to practice so that I can be the best participant in the competition championship later, » said Sergio.

His father, Olga Giovanni Darmawan, said that Sergio’s talent began to appear since he was in 4th grade and fully supports shooting in the future.

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Sergio’s talent was increasingly focused and honed his abilities. « I as the father of Sergio is very proud of his ability in shooting skills and Sergio has also proven by his seriousness in training so far by getting several awards, » he said.

Previously, Deputy Commander of the Presidential Security Forces (Wadanpaspampres) Marsma TNI Wahyu Hidayat Sudjatmiko at the closing ceremony of the 2022 Danpaspampres Cup shooting championship said that shooting sports teaches discipline and perseverance.

« One lesson we must learn from this competition is for all shooting lovers that whoever is the most prepared is the one who will achieve optimal performance, » said Marsma Wahyu.

Wadanpaspampres said that the 2022 Danpaspampres Cup shooting championship is an event to channel the interests and talents of not only members of the TNI and Polri, but also civilians who are involved in shooting sports.

He conveyed that the total participants from various groups in the 2022 Danpaspampres Cup reached 1,000 people.

The thousands of participants were divided into more than 20 match numbers, including executive shooting, precision shooting, IPSC level II reaction shooting, non-IPSC reaction shooting (non-optical guns), air rifle and air gun shooting, Paspampres Style shooting, and shooting exhibition.

Marsma Wahyu further explained that the most participants were in the executive and precision shooting categories, the number reached hundreds of people and many continued to register until the last day of the event.

Therefore, he hopes that the 2022 Danpaspampres Cup shooting championship will not only be a place to channel interests and talents and hone skills, but also be an opportunity to attract potential athletes.

The championship, which lasted for four days, was attended by participants from various ages and regions with a total prize of almost Rp. 200 million.

The winners in the 10-meter air gun and air rifle categories were dominated by shooting athletes in West Java, then there were also those from Bali, Aceh, Lampung, and DKI Jakarta. (R-3)