Set aside Jakarta Mandiri Popsivo Polwan, Bandung BJB Tandamata Advance to 2022 Proliga Finals

Bandung women’s TEAM BJB Tandamata confirms a place in the round
Proliga 2022 final. The ticket to the final was obtained after defeating the Jakarta Mandiri Popsivo Polwan with a score of 3-2 (23-25, 25-13, 25-27, 25-10, 16-14).

The match which took place at the Police General Kunarto Volleyball Padepokan, Sentul, Bogor, Saturday (19/3), was tense. The reason is that Alim Suseno’s team was left behind in the first set. Some of the mistakes of the Bandung BJB Tandamata players have benefited Amalia Fajrina and friends.

After a fierce match in the first set, Jakarta Mandiri Popsivo
Policewomen managed to win in the first set with a score of 25-23. It was only in the second set that Bandung BJB Tandamata got up and played nimbly.

The first point was already in favor of the Wilda Nurfadhilah team, until
BJB Tandamata’s first technical time out was superior. Independent Jakarta
Policewoman Popsivo was overwhelmed by the points that were far behind, namely 14-4.

Bandung BJB Tandamata finally managed to lock the win at
second set with a score of 25-13. Then in the third set, the two teams competed again.

The points earned go hand in hand. Even though it’s a spike fight
hard, the Jakarta Mandiri Popsivo Polwan team was able to win in the set
third with a score of 27-25.

The fourth set turned things around, Bandung BJB Tandamata went smoothly
won the fourth set with a score of 25-10. Continue to the fifth set
as the deciding set for both teams in the 2022 Proliga final four.

In this deciding set, Bandung BJB Tandamata won with
score 16-14. This victory is the second for Bandung BJB
Tandamata after defeating Gresik Petrokimia Pupuk

Nikoleta Perovic and colleagues still have one more game in the four
Proliga 2022, namely against Jakarta Pertamina Fastron, Sunday

« Alhamdulillah, we were able to win, even though it was difficult. In essence, we are proud of the result against Jakarta Popsivo, » said one of the Bandung BJB Tandamata players, Nandita Ayu.

The owner of the number 7 jersey said that the key to his team’s victory was the never-give-up spirit of all of his colleagues. « Players never give up, like against Petrokimia in the first Four Finals, last week, » he added.

Meanwhile, Bandung BJB Tandamata coach, Alim Suseno, admitted that he was very grateful that his team was able to secure a ticket for the 2022 Proliga final.

He didn’t expect his team to beat the Jakarta Mandiri Popsivo team

« The team was lucky in this match. You can see that in the match
many mistakes from the team themselves, but from the opponents also made a lot of mistakes themselves, » he said.

Who will be the opponent of Yolla Yuliana and her friends in the final round will be determined tomorrow. Bandung BJB will fight Jakarta Pertamina Fastron.

« To determine who our opponent will be in the final, look at tomorrow’s result against Pertamina Fastron. But we don’t want to choose an opponent, just anyone. Because we are afraid that if we choose our opponent, it will become a burden when playing, » said Alim. (N-2)