Si Ulil, Mini Roller Coaster Full of Memories in Bandung


Bandung has a million interesting attractions for traveling. One of them, this phenomenal mini roller coaster.

A visit to King’s Shopping Center, Bandung City with family is incomplete without tasting a children’s playground called ‘Si Ulil’.

Yes, this vehicle used to be so phenomenal that many were hunted to just spend time on the weekends.

For residents of Bandung who were born in the mid 80-90s, the name ‘Si Ulil’ is certainly very familiar. The mini roller coaster in the shape of a green caterpillar has long lasting memories.

A few days ago, secondsJabar also saw firsthand this phenomenal vehicle for the citizens of the city of Bandung. At first glance, there is nothing different from the appearance of ‘Si Ulil’ now and then. Only the paint color now looks fresher to the eye.

‘Si Ulil » children’s playground in Bandung. Photo: Wisma Putra

‘Si Ulil’ is located on the sixth floor of King’s Shopping Center Bandung, precisely in the Kings Fun World area. Because it is so iconic and phenomenal, its existence will not be difficult to find even though it is in the midst of other children’s playgrounds.

« It has been a long time since he called this roller coaster the name ‘Si Ulil’ by the people of Bandung. Finally, until now he is more familiar with that name, » said Peter Sitompul, Supervisor of Kings Fun World when talking with detikJabar.

Since the first time this children’s playground was opened, the appearance of ‘Si Ulil’ has never changed. He is a mini roller coaster that is similar to a caterpillar and has a twisting track that only six passengers can ride.

But what’s unique is that the manager applies ‘Si Ulil’ makeup with an unusual look. The head is made slightly larger than the body, complete with one tooth at the bottom of ‘Si Ulil’ mouth.

The face of ‘Si Ulil’ was made as if he was smiling broadly. Plus the big red nose confirms this ride is so cute and adorable for children’s games.

« You could say this is one of the mascots of the Bandung people too. The thing is that people who are now adults, of course, on average already know ‘Si Ulil’ because they have experienced riding ‘Si Ulil’, » said Peter.

According to Peter, visitors who come and enjoy ‘Si Ulil’ are currently dominated by residents who want to reminisce with the mini roller coaster ride. They are certainly not young anymore, but because they have memories with ‘Si Ulil, they finally come while bringing their children or their small families.

« On average that’s what I say. I must have said that in the past I was taken with my parents to ride ‘Si Ulil’, then now I have children here again for nostalgia. That’s why those who have tried it and miss wanting to go up again , » he said.

To be able to enjoy the ‘Si Ulil’ ride, the manager sets a tariff of Rp. 15 thousand for five rounds. With the track slightly uphill and then sliding down and winding, we will be brought to feel the sensation of nervousness when riding it. This price has also been adjusted, and certainly will not drain the contents of our pockets.

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