Singapore Souvenir Hunt at Design Orchard & Jewel Changi Airport


After the international tourism gates are open again, it’s time for you to vent your delayed traveling passion. Singapore can certainly be a fun destination to visit.

There’s a lot to see in the Land of the Lions. Starting from urban tourism, nature tourism, culinary, to shopping for high-quality local goods.

After exploring various tourist attractions in Singapore, don’t forget to stop by to buy souvenirs for family and friends in Indonesia. So that you don’t get confused looking for souvenirs, there are two popular shopping centers in Singapore that are suitable to visit, namely Design Orchard or Jewel Changi Airport. In both places, you can find a variety of unique and quality local products.

As a shopping center designed by award-winning architectural firm WOHA Architects, Design Orchard exists as a creative incubator, showcase and product showcase for Singapore’s most popular brands. As the home of local brands from the Lion Country, this place is a suitable location for shopping for souvenirs.

Here are some local brands that you can find at Design Orchard, which is located at Orchard Road number 250, Singapore.

1. The Missing Piece

Photo: The Missing Piece

Founded in 2016 by Fock Ee-ling, ‘Missing Piece’ is a clothing manufacturer with unique designs and motifs. The creation of Fock Ee-ling, who originally made matching outfits for his family, eventually caught the attention of many people. and he also developed this fashion business. She uses fashion as a medium to inspire women to gain confidence through her clothing designs.

2. Matter

Matter is a local brand that promotes traditional artisanal crafts. After meeting with the local textile community and social enterprises during a fundraising charity trip to India, Ho Renyung founded Matter in 2013 with a noble cause. The aim of establishing Matter was to make textile artisans relevant, as well as enhance and sustain rural craft livelihoods across Asia.

Uniquely, Matter only focuses on pants with eccentric designs. The diverse motifs result in graphic prints created by artisans who specialize in traditional techniques such as block and tie printing.

3. Reckless Ericka

Another fashion brand that can also be found at Design Orchard is Reckless Ericka. The brand, founded by Afton Chen, Ruth Marbun, and Louis Koh, presents products with European nuances that have eccentric, trendy, and of course stylish designs.

4. Onlewo

If you want to bring a unique souvenir from Singapore, don’t forget to stop by to see Onlewo products. Onlewo’s products were originally the creations of its founder, Mike Tay, who were inspired by Indian rangoli crafts in front of his neighbor’s house. He also makes craft products such as curtains, wallpapers, and so on with unique philosophical designs.

5. Ying The Label

Phuay Li Ying, who has a double degree majoring in Business Marketing and Psychology, turned away from the disciplines he studied. Instead, he chose to focus on developing his passion in the field of art. Ying The Label presents fashion products with stunning patterns. This is because the patterns on clothes and other items from Ying The Label are the results of Ying’s hand-painted which are produced on a limited basis.

6. Jewels Rock Sugar Stick

One of the oldest sugar companies in Singapore, as well as a family-owned business in its third generation, the company is now run by brothers Cheng Liang Kheng, and John Cheng. Cheng Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks Box features a pair of Rock Sugar Sticks made of pure sugar. This Sugar Stick candy product is suitable to be paired with coffee, tea, sparkling water, cocktails. This product is perfect as a gift for friends, couples, or family at home after returning from Singapore.

7. Sucre

Founded in 2013, Sucre specializes in artisan products, tea gifts, and specialty products. Sucre, which means ‘Sugar’ in French, features a range of gourmet truffles (including one inspired by Southeast Asian pineapple tarts), quirky Mid-Autumn Festival mooncakes and pastries. la français. Sucre products will make impressive souvenirs.

Jewel Changi AirportJewel Changi Airport Photo: Shutterstock

Apart from Design Orchard, Singapore’s iconic products are also available at Jewel Changi Airport. You can buy a variety of fashion products to Singaporean cuisine before flying back to Indonesia. The following are recommendations for popular brands at Jewel Changi Airport.

1. Naise

Naiise is a local boutique offering curated designs, well-designed products and everyday design inspiration. The brand launched its first iconic store at Jewel Changi Airport. The shop is divided into two floors, the first floor for unique knick-knacks and the second floor for fashion clothes and other home decor pieces. There is also a Gift Bar, where you can get gifts that are professionally and beautifully wrapped.

2. The Largest Duplex Nike Store in Southeast Asia

This world-class product may often be found in various places. However, at the Duplex Nike Store Changi Airport, Nike displays its full product exhibition across all sports and lifestyle categories. With a vast collection of footwear, apparel and accessories for running, cross-training, soccer, basketball and other sports lifestyle essentials, visitors will be blown away by the largest Nike store in Southeast Asia. Interestingly, at this outlet, customers can order product customization as desired. There are also interesting items for the little ones.

3. Rich & Good Cake Shop

Established in 1997, Rich and Good Cake Shop offers old-school Swiss Rolls which are shaped like rolled towels, with a light and soft texture. Make sure you check out their various flavors, ranging from premium categories like red velvet and original flavors like chocolate and strawberry.

4. Pokemon Center

Jewel Changi Airport is home to Asia’s first permanent Pokémon Center outside of Japan. This shop is a real-life replica of the Pokémon Center featured in the game world. You can buy the same merchandise as those sold at its partners in Japan.

Original merchandise made specifically for Pokémon will also be available. This includes plush toys, stationery, Pokémon Trading Card Games, video games, and more!

5. Bengawan Solo

Homemade sweets maker Bengawan Solo comes with an upscale look at Jewel Changi with a beautiful and classy interior. There is even a demonstration table that serves layer cakes but made with the concept of minutes.

Bengawan Solo preserves the taste of Singapore’s local cakes and sweets using traditional methods, the best and freshest ingredients, and no artificial preservatives.

6. Miss Hosay

Miss Hosay is an inspirational gift shop that offers amazing products. Products from top brands including KeepCup Australia, ScentScoop Thailand, Awesome Map Germany and more are available there.

Together with In Good Company and trésor RISIS, Miss Hosay offers exclusive Jewel merchandise and in-store experiences that will make your shopping memories at Jewel even more unique.

7. RISIS trésor

Home jewelery brand Risis has opened its first store for its Risis trésor sub-brand at Jewel. Inspired by the wonders of nature, RISIS Trésor is a modern, handcrafted and conscious jewelry brand. For example, the Tresor Blooms Collection is a limited edition nine-piece set consisting of pieces made from fresh orchids preserved in gold.

Only one piece of each design has been created, and the range is available exclusively at the Risis Tresor boutique, exclusive to Jewel Changi Airport. The 355-square-foot space also features art installations.

Those are the recommendations for interesting souvenirs to bring from Singapore. Relive the Dream of Vacation and Relaxation to Singapore. You can come to Singapore to enjoy various special offers from the travel agent of your choice, or check out the attractive packages in collaboration with the Travel Partner Antavaya with the Singapore Tourism Board.


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