Sisca Kohl Cooks Nasi Padang Rp. 13 million, with Turkey Chicken and Wagyu A5


Still haven’t stopped with the creation of extraordinary dishes, Sisca Kohl is now cooking Padang rice. Side dishes include chicken pop from turkey to rendang wagyu A5.

Comes with a variety of unique cooking ideas, Sisca Kohl often makes netizens speechless because of the use of food ingredients. Ranging from strange ingredients to foodstuffs worth tens of millions of rupiah.

Expensive ingredients that are usually processed by Sisca Kohl can be transformed into different dishes. For example, wagyu meat which is usually enjoyed as steak, is processed very differently by Sisca Kohl.

Love traditional Indonesian food, this time Sisca Kohl made a complete Padang rice with unusual side dishes. There are several turkeys to wagyu meat that has been prepared.

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Sisca Kohl cooks a special Nasi Padang with a complete filling for everyone in her house. Photo: TikTok/siscakohl

Quoting TikTok @siscakohl (26/3), he can be seen showing off his action of cooking large quantities of Padang rice. According to the description of the uploaded video, Padang rice, which is made in very large portions, will be given to everyone in his house.

« Cook rice with double the portion of Padang for Rp. 13 million for sis and mas at home, » wrote Sisca Kohl.

Not only is the portion amazing, but also the use of ingredients for side dishes Padang rice. There are turkeys, A5 wagyu meat, to giant lobsters available in front of Sisca Kohl.

First of all, Sisca Kohl makes turkey curry which is said to be worth up to IDR 2 million. Besides that, it’s also incomplete if you eat Padang rice without rendang. Using grade A5 wagyu beef, Sisca Kohl cooks it into rendang.

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Sisca Kohl Cooks Nasi Padang Rp. 13 million, with Turkey Chicken and Wagyu A5Use turkey to wagyu meat, one of the menus is beef jerky balado wagyu A5. Photo: TikTok/siscakohl

Not only as rendang, the A5 wagyu meat which should be cooked not too cooked so that the tenderness can be enjoyed is actually made into dry balado jerky and soaks the seasoning. The rest of the existing balado seasoning is then also conjured up to spice up the jumbo lobster that he has provided.

When placed together, Sisca Kohl’s Padang rice stuffing includes rice, turkey curry, pop turkey, wagyu rendang, A5 beef jerky and lobster balado. When viewed by detikcom (31/3), the moment of Sisca Kohl’s cooking of Padang rice ‘sultan’ has been viewed more than 9.5 million times. Many netizen comments even felt emotional when they saw it.

« If Sisca Kohl opens a shop Padang riceit turns out to be Rp. 10 million, not Rp. 10 thousand anymore, » wrote the account @anakpendiem.

« Sisca, buying Padang rice for Rp. 10 thousand is already full, why buy Rp. 13 million? » write the @human account.

« I don’t think it’s the usual Padang rice, boss. Padang mahsyar, what is this, we were told to digest, » wrote the tikTok account @khaliltoktok.

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