Small talk offers lunch to a coworker, this netizen is upset that his lunch was spent


Some people have a habit of small talk offering food to those around them, but this can end up being ‘bitter’. Like this netizen who is upset because his lunch ends up being spent!

Bring supplies food to work has become a habit for many people. Besides being healthier, this can reduce the budget for buying food from outside which is relatively more expensive.

Usually the habit of bringing food supplies is carried out by boarding children who want to save money. Away from their parents and home, they try to reduce the cost of eating out as much as possible.

But the sad story is experienced by a netizen who is used to carrying supplies food to the office. Quotes on Twitter @workfess (31/3/2022), he ended up getting annoyed because of his habit of small talk offering food.

Netizens vent that their food supplies were spent by a coworker because they offered food in pleasantries. Photo: Twitter @workfess

« So I like to say ‘eat ma’am’ to office people when it’s break time and I want to eat, right? manner never mind. I also have a habit of offering people to eat alone, » he said in a note.

« Well, there was 1 lady who actually ate with me until it was finished. So it was like my lunch was eaten with the two of us, even though I only brought a little and I happened to be lodging too, so bring lunch to save money, » he continued.

At the end of the note, this netizen asked for advice from Twitter netizens. « How do you avoid people like this? Have you ever tried not to offer them but instead they were told ‘just eat alone,’ he said. He admitted that he had only been working in the office for 7 months, so he tried to make small talk offering food.

Uploaded rant @workfess This is so viral that it has received more than 18,000 likes. Many netizens also commented with similar experiences and suggestions from them.

« I’ve experienced something like this when I was at school. So there was a friend who was in trouble, asking for old people’s food. I’m a disgusted person when I eat old people. So many times I brought a bekel and he asked for it, after that I always said « just do it for you I’m done » Until finally he realized and asked « Are you disgusted if I ask? » I can honestly say that I’m disgusted by eating old people, even though I still want to finish my bekel. After that, no one asked for my food. if not I will allow it, » said one netizen.

Bring food to the officeMany netizens share experiences and tips about food supplies requested by coworkers. Photo: Getty Images/Edwin Tan

« Wow, that’s really funny. I ate next to seniors, then I offered them. He said « do you want the chicken, can I? » Yes, I said yes, I thought he would take a little to taste it right. Eh, it turned out that 1 whole chicken was taken. Then I was like cengo while continuing to eat rice and vegetables, » vented another netizen. He was also saddened by this experience because at that time he was weak due to busy work.

Then to outsmart the incident of offering this ‘bitter’ food, some netizens have suggestions. « If you like begging for Muslim supplies, just print this (pork rice) sticker, then stick it on the lid of your lunch box, » said a netizen.

« There’s a way my friend used when I was in college, I like the way. You just offer me « eat ma’am.. » while opening your lunch box. Then he says again « but I’m not sharing, because I’m hungry too ». only done by professionals, who don’t hesitate to come out, but, » suggested another netizen.

« Just change the sentence nder. ‘Eh, ma’am no? eat? I eat first, yes, I’m really hungry because « etc… Not everyone is big and educated with the same culture. Sometimes what you think is just small talk like « eat mba » is considered to be really offering to eat together. another netizen said.

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