Spiderman’s Viral Prewedding Couple, Initially Cool, the Ending Makes Laughing


A video pre-wedding This superhero-themed Indonesian couple stole the attention of netizens. In the video, the groom-to-be wears a Marvel Comics superhero costume, Spiderman.

The groom-to-be acts like Tom Holland, who plays the character of Peter Parker or Spiderman. From the video uploaded to the TikTok account @badlanbamon, it is known that the bride-to-be in the video are Luthfi and Dini.

“Prewedding mafia concept❎
prewedding Spiderman concept ✅,” wrote the caption for the TikTok video @badlanbamon.

@badlanbamon Cape ah has a takedown what concept do you guys use? #prewedding ♬ By The Sword – Iamjakehill

In the 43-second pre-wedding video, Luthfi is seen wearing a Spiderman costume and acting running. He then takes off his mask when he meets Dini. After meeting Dini, the two of them walked together then suddenly Luthi jumped like Spiderman.

“Cape ah got take down mulu🥺 what concept do you want? #prewedding,” wrote the @badlanbamon account again in his upload.

This pre-wedding cinematic video has more than 2.6 million views Views and got more than 3,000 comments from netizens. Netizens commented that at first the groom looked cool wearing a Spiderman costume, but it turned out to be hilarious when he took off his mask and saw his real face.

“Cool Bang. Despite all the shortcomings that appear. The creative ideas are much more meaningful and valuable. Waiting for the next sequel,” said TikTok user @TheusLicious.

A viral pre-wedding cinematic video with the Spiderman theme. Photo: Doc. TikTok @badlanbamon.

“Just seeing the mask at the beginning is already laughing ,” said TikTok user @⫍ Dian.

“His face is hilarious ,” said the account @KANG POTO KELILING.

“Honestly, although not too wow, but proud, this is what will be one of the stories for our children and grandchildren,” said the account @Ridwan Nur.

Wolipop has contacted the TikTok account @badlanbamon to quote its TikTok video. He had given permission and said he was the videographer of the Spiderman-style pre-wedding video.