Stuck in Nyepi in Bali, This Woman ‘Save’ Caucasians with Indomie


A unique incident occurred during the Nyepi celebration in Bali (3/3). This woman is trapped with two Caucasians in Bali. Didn’t have time to prepare food, they shared Indomie as a savior of hunger.

The Nyepi celebration in Bali does not only apply to Hindus. All tourists and visitors must follow the rules set during Nyepi even if they do not participate in celebrating Nyepi.

All tourists who come to Bali on Nyepi day are not allowed to turn on the lights, buy food, or even leave hotels and inns. Of course all eateries are also closed so you won’t be able to order food.

Those who do not prepare enough food must prepare to starve without food. One of the stories of being trapped during Nyepi in Bali was experienced by this female netizen.

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Trapped by Nyepi in Bali, this woman relies on Indomie’s supplies as a savior of hunger. Photo: TikTok/inimydlin

Quoting the TikTok account @inimydlin (4/3), while going on vacation, Meidelin and her best friend experienced an unexpected incident. He who wanted a staycation in the Seminyak area, Bali, was trapped in the Nyepi celebration.

Beside the villa where he was staying, it turned out that there were foreign tourists who were also staying. Not knowing the Nyepi regulations in Bali, this tourist has not had time to prepare food supplies in his villa room.

Have a backup Indomie, eggs, and vegetable soup, Meidelin finally decided to share food so that the tourists would not starve. Utilizing the existing equipment, Meidelin can even only cook the vegetable soup using a rice cooker.

« Accidentally the neighboring villa and Caucasians were on vacation during Nyepi and the first time he was on Nyepi in Bali. He didn’t have time to stock up on food for Nyepi, so we shared with him Indomie + egg + soup, » Meidelin wrote in her uploaded video.

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Stuck in Nyepi in Bali, This Woman 'Save' Caucasians with IndomieThey can even save Caucasians who do not have food supplies and are almost starving. Photo: TikTok/inimydlin

Confirmed by detikcom (5/3), these foreigners even asked Meidelin about shops that could be visited to buy food. Meidelin and her best friend were also thought to want to go to buy food.

« He also asked if we had food in stock or not. At first they offered us biscuits, but because they only had biscuits we refused and instead we gave them oranges. So at night, we wondered whether they had eaten or not. they just ate the oranges that we gave them. Until we finally cooked them Indomie and soup and suddenly thought about sharing our food with them, » said Meidelin to detikcom.

Meidelin’s TikTok video upload instantly went viral and in less than 24 hours has been viewed more than 3.9 million times. From the hundreds of comments, netizens were seen applauding Meidelin’s kindness towards foreign tourists.

« Well, this is what makes ‘Indonesian people friendly’, said Caucasians who have been to Indonesia, » replied the @akunoobservasi account.

« Poor. For the lady care (care). Now being hungry in the middle of the night is not really good because, » wrote the account @chicilomy.

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