Sumo Oranges, Seedless Sweet Oranges from Japan that went viral in America


Sumo oranges went viral in the United States after a video of a woman eagerly offering it at a supermarket. This orange with a fresh sweet taste is originally from Nagasaki, Japan.

The popularity of sumo oranges or sumo oranges in the United States has actually been around for several years, but lately these oranges have become increasingly known after a video about them went viral on TikTok.

Starting from the video @elizabethanneventer (17/3) which shows a woman at Trader Joe’s supermarket, New York promoting Orange sumo to visitors who were queuing to the cashier. Carrying a basket of sumo oranges, he managed to convince other visitors to buy these oranges.

Uniquely, the woman is not a supermarket employee or a sumo orange seller. Netizens believe his figure is an ordinary visitor who really wants to introduce this citrus delicacy.

Elizabeth, the owner of the video, quoted the woman’s words when offering sumo oranges. « The price of oranges is indeed more expensive than other types, but worth it, » he said.

Viral a woman in a New York supermarket promoting sumo orange (orange sumo). Photo: @elizabethanneventer

Seeing this video, many netizens salute. « He is influencer actually, » said one netizen. « He spreads good information, » said another netizen.

Not a few of them took part in highlighting the sumo oranges. Those who have tasted the oranges say they are really tasty and worth a try.

So what are sumo oranges? quote Next Shark (1/4/2022), sumo oranges were first grown in Japan at a government research facility in Nagasaki prefecture in 1972. The original name was shiranui.

During its development, this orange became known as the Dekopon brand. The word « Dekopon » is said to have come from a combination of the words « deko » which means « impact » and « pound » which was taken from the name « pokan », a popular type of mandarin orange in Asia.

Some experts say Orange sumo aka sumo oranges is a combination of navel oranges, pomelo, and mandarin. There are also those who think that this orange is a combination of tangerine ponkan and kiyomi tangor.

Sumo Oranges, Seedless Sweet Oranges from Japan that went viral in AmericaSumo Oranges, sweet, seedless oranges from Japan that went viral in America. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/MSPhotographic

Sumo oranges became popular in other countries, including Brazil, China, and South Korea around 1988. While in the United States, the history of this orange only began in 2011.

The sumo oranges were brought in by the Suntreat company which later changed its name to AC Brands. They originally planted sumo citrus trees in California in secret.

This company also popularized the name « Sumo Oranges » for Shiranui orange products aka Dekopon. The name sumo is used because this orange shape has small bumps on its head that resemble the hair of a sumo athlete.

In terms of texture and taste, sumo oranges are a type of seedless orange whose skin is easy to peel. Some reports call this orange one of the sweetest and most flavorful oranges on the market.

Orange sumo is a seasonal fruit that is available from January to April, then grows shortly in the fall. In the United States, sumo oranges are easily available in large supermarkets such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Wegmans, and Gristedes.

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