Support Peace, This Cake Shop Sells Donuts With Ukrainian Flags


Support Ukraine, a pastry shop in Germany sells ‘peace doughnuts’. The donuts are decorated with cream bearing the Ukrainian flag and the proceeds from the sale will be donated.

The heated relations between Russia and Ukraine have caught the world’s attention. The invasion by Russia has left hundreds of civilians in Ukraine dead.

In addition, there were also more than one million people who were displaced. In response to this, many countries want peace between the two former Soviet Union countries.

Like what a cake shop in Germany does. The cake shop is named Huck which is located in the Frankfurt area. The shop sells ‘peace doughnuts’ in support of Ukraine.

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Donuts bearing the Ukrainian flag are offered by a shop in Germany Photo: Reuters

In section the donuts Ukrainian flag. The donuts are covered with yellow and blue frosting. Quoted from Reuters (04/03) the donuts were sold for Rp. 15,000.

Later, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the donuts will be donated to Ukrainian children who were forced to flee after the Russian invasion. Especially those who took refuge in Frankfurt.

« We thought we had to do something very fast, not bureaucratic. We decided to make an additional product that was not too expensive, so that it was easily accessible to everyone, » said the pastry shop owner.

This humanitarian action was also successful where 600 donuts were sold on Thursday morning (03/02) in 10 bakery branches. In addition, there are 300 orders for Friday (04/02).

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Ukrainian flag donutsDonuts bearing the Ukrainian flag are sold and the proceeds will be donated to Ukrainian children Photo: Reuters

« Yesterday we just post on social media. Then the tone of the first order immediately came in, and by 8 this morning most of the branches were sold out, » said Huck.

Furthermore, the owner of the cake shop admitted that he did not expect that his humanitarian action would get so many people’s attention. One of his customers was touched by this noble action.

As experienced by Therese Rinschen-Piechocinski, a Polish woman who lives in Frankfurt. He was touched and bought his donuts to support peace.

« If they have a purpose, if they can help really poor people who are also fighting for us, then I am ready, I have made a donation, » he said.

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