Supporting E-sport Development, BMI Holds Tournament for Gamers

In order to support the development of E-sports in the country, Banteng Muda Indonesia (BMI) will hold the ‘Banteng Muda Indonesia Esports Tournament’ on March 12, 2022 and March 19, 2022.

The Head of the Organizing Committee, Christopher Kevin, called the Indonesian Young Bull E-sports championship a form of national-scale competition. According to him, this competition will be followed by E-sports teams in Jakarta and other areas.

“We present the BMI E-sports Tournament, one of the national scale tournaments. Of course, this competition will be followed by the best E-sports teams in Jakarta and other regions, » said Christopher Kevin, in his written statement, Monday (14/3).

« Hopefully it will be a place to grow potential seeds. On the other hand, I hope that BMI can continue to touch the whole community through this event, » he added.

Meanwhile, General Chairman of BMI Mochamad Herviano Widyatama said E-sports has become a hobby for the younger generation. This, can build achievements and careers for the future.

« BMI sees E-sports as a potential for the younger generation who want to build a career path and make achievements, » said Vino.

Herviano hopes that the E-sports tournament can have a positive impact on participants in spurring creativity. Then, BMI will give birth to outstanding national E-sports Athletes.

“In the framework of the BMI stimulus, this tournament is expected to be a positive output for participants in sharpening critical thinking and spurring creativity. So, BMI will produce national E-sports Athletes who excel, » said Vino. (OL-13)

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