Talking about the difficulty of getting Sahur and Iftar, this woman is even bullied by netizens


At the beginning of the month of Ramadan, people will usually be enthusiastic about preparing sahur and breaking the fast. But there are also those who find it difficult to get food.

For the sake of fasting, many people have prepared food for sahur and iftar. But there are also some people who have difficulty getting food for sahur or iftar.

As experienced by netizens using the TikTok account @ajengsitijuniar. He shared his experience when it was difficult to get food on the first day of fasting.

Confess about the difficulty of getting Sahur and Iftar Photo: TikTok @ajengsitijuniar

« My first fast made me really sad. This year I’m really sad, I want to complain but what can I do, » said Ajeng in the video uploaded Monday (4/4).

Still in this video, Ajeng also said that her first sahur was done at a boarding house neighbor’s house because she didn’t get sahur food even though she had been looking for it. Likewise when looking for food to break the fast.

« This afternoon I looked for food out but none of the rice stalls were open. As a result, I only bought coconut ice, » explained Ajeng.

Again he did not manage to get any food to break his fast. Until finally he decided to go to his brother’s boarding house so they could eat together. However, on the way there were no food stalls selling food.

In the midst of Ajeng’s difficulty finding food, there is not much she can do. Until finally he cried because he missed his late parents.

Seeing this video, many netizens felt sorry for giving advice to go to the mosque to get food. But not a few who immediately blasphemed Ajeng for not being creative in trying to find food.

« Skill to survive 45% if you don’t have magiccom etc., at least prepare, buy sahur and don’t open it suddenly, » said a netizen.

« You already know it’s going to be sahur, you already know everything is far away, the cake is prepared from night, nowadays life is already difficult and even made difficult, » said another netizen.

« In the advanced era, it is still difficult to find food that is important if you have money. Grabfood, shopeefood, gofood, traveloka, what are they used for, » said another netizen.

« Hello, I want to give you a suggestion, try visiting mosques, mosques usually like to provide free takjil, » said the netizen who gave the suggestion.

The video shared by Ajeng invited tens of thousands of netizen comments and most of them turned on Ajeng for not preparing food.

When confirmed by Detikcom (8/4), Ajeng explained that it was not that she did not prepare food for sahur and iftar, but that she was having difficulties.

Confess about the difficulty of getting Suhoor and IftarConfess about the difficulty of getting Sahur and Iftar Photo: TikTok @ajengsitijuniar

« For iftar, actually next to my boarding house there is a rice shop and her mother said she wanted to open it so I wanted to buy it there. But apparently her mother didn’t open it because her child was in the hospital. Then I also went to a Padang restaurant near the boarding house, and it was closed. too. Nearby there is also yellow rice but it’s closed. The only thing that is open is coconut ice, so I just bought coconut ice, » explained Ajeng.

Ajeng also answered netizens who asked why she didn’t cook for sahur. It was explained that the cooking area in his boarding house was usually in the kitchen of the boarding house owner. But on the first day of fasting, the landlady was away.

« I usually cook in the boarding house’s kitchen. But when her mother left that day, I couldn’t cook at her house, the door was locked, » said Ajeng.

Seeing many netizens who made comments, Ajeng didn’t want to bother. « It’s okay to comment anything, it’s up to you. I’ve explained that too, » concluded Ajeng.

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