The agility of the Marshal of the Mandalika Circuit Praised by the Race Director

FOR two days the Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia was held at the Pertamina Mandalika Highway International Circuit, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), there was something that attracted attention, namely the agility of the marshals in supporting the competition. It received praise from the International Motorcycle Federation (FIM) and the Race Director of the Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia, Mike Webb.

Webb said he was satisfied with the performance of the marshals of the Mandalika Circuit. The marshals are said to be very capable and agile in cleaning the track surface and have shown a rapid increase in ability since they were first employed in the MotoGP event which was held again in Indonesia after a vacuum of the last 25 years.

This was conveyed by the Managing Director of the Mandalika Grand Prix Association (MGPA) Priandhi Satria at the Mandalika Circuit, Sunday (20/3).

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The marshals, which numbered around 300 people, consisted of elements of youth groups from Pujut District, Mobile Brigade Police of NTB, Basarnas rescuers, and companions of several marshals from Malaysia.

He gave an example of one of the major incidents that occurred when the underside of Alex Rins’ motorbike (Suzuki Ecstar) caught fire after Turn 12 and he left his motorbike at Turn 13.

The incident left enough oil on the track that the session entered Red Flag. However, some of the marshals who have served in Mandalika since the World Superbike (WSBK) on 19-21 November 2021 moved quickly.

They put out the fire, removed debris, and cleaned the track of oil so the session could resume.

« Mike Webb is satisfied with the marshal’s skill and speed in extinguishing the fire and cleaning the track surface from traces of gasoline and oil, » said Priandhi.

Not only that, Priandhi also mentioned how Webb saw the track officials showing positive developments from pre-season until now.

« During pre-season on days one to three, then entering the Indonesian MotoGP from Monday preparation until today his ability has increased, his skills have increased, » continued Priandhi.

The former journalist and racer said that the knowledge of these local marshals was much more developed after getting input from several marshals from Malaysia who were brought in to share their experiences.

« In fact, the marshal from Malaysia has often held international racing events, including MotoGP. »

Priandhi also said that the number of accidents experienced by the drivers on the second day, Saturday (19/3) was not caused by track factors.

Citing the FIM’s explanation as a Grade A homologator for the Mandalika Circuit, the incident was not related to an error on the track.

« That’s the FIM’s own evaluation after seeing the track conditions, it’s not a track error. Today I spoke with Mike Webb, it has nothing to do with everything that happened today with the homologation that has been given. »

Priandhi also explained that his party had made minor improvements to the track surface on Saturday night to repair and patch the asphalt gravel that was torn due to the motorbike falling. (RO/OL-1)