The Beauty of Lake Toba in Horrifyingly Delicious, the Film That Made General Luhut Cry


The Horror Sedap film has successfully attracted the attention of the public, including the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment of the Republic of Indonesia, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan. This film shows the beauty of Lake Toba.

The Horror Sedap film tells the story of the life of a Batak family who lives on the shores of Lake Toba, North Sumatra. Family conflict occurs when the father and mother want their three children who have migrated to return to their hometown.

As Batak people, Luhut and his family watched the film on Saturday (11/6/2022) at Epicentrum XXI, Jakarta. After watching the film by Bene Dion, Luhut revealed that he was so moved that he cried.

“Yes, I shed tears. I was honest (crying) because the father admitted his mistake,” said Luhut.

There are several Batak cultural values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are raised, such as Batak people who have to marry other Bataknese, identical Batak people working in the legal world, and the obligation of the youngest child to look after their parents at home.

Apart from the Batak family conflict, another aspect that grabs the attention of the audience is the visual beauty of this film. detikcom had time to watch the film and was amazed by the view of Lake Toba which became the main background in the horror film.

As is known, Lake Toba is one of Indonesia’s 5 super priority destinations. This lake is the largest in Southeast Asia with a length of 100 kilometers and a width of 30 kilometers.

View of Lake Toba from the top of Holbung Hill. Photo: Melati Sihotang/d’travelers

Lake Toba has many benefits for the surrounding community. Many fishermen take fish there. This place is also a fun water attraction.

In the middle of Lake Toba there is also Samosir Island. This is a volcanic island that is comparable in size to Singapore.

Lake Toba is also surrounded by green hills. One of them is Holbung Hill, which is the location for a family picnic in the horror film.

Holbung Hill is estimated to have existed since 200 years ago. The location is in Holbung Village, Samosir Regency.

To reach this hill, tourists will trekking a short distance. The travel time is about 10-15 minutes. However, the climb will pay off with a beautiful view of Lake Toba from the top of the hill.

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