The difficulty of moving on from the beautiful sunset in Labuan Bajo


One of the beauty of the sea that is presented by Labuan Bajo is sunset-his. One of the places visited by young people to spend the afternoon is Pede Beach.

Pede Beach is not far from Labuan Bajo Harbor. If we trace back, Pede Beach was once crowded with tourists. However, now this beach is not as busy as it used to be. Maybe it’s just crowded near the pier in the Laprima Hotel area.

Some time ago come to Labuan Bajo and spend the afternoon at Pede Beach. So many young people lined up along the pier.

Sunset at Pede Beach Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

There is hunting taking photos, chatting, sitting around relaxing while eating snacks, some even going out, also swimming. It was very crowded that afternoon at the pier in the Laprima Hotel area. I walked to the end of the pier and found a group of teenagers swimming and jumping off the pier. It looks so fun. They made fun of each other, pushing until the race was over who had the highest jump.

The sun was getting brighter in the afternoon. The orange light is so dramatic that it silhouettes the ship on the sea. The wind was gentle blowing the calm sea. Oh, so beautiful.

Sunset at Pede BeachSunset at Pede Beach Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

Young people also seem to be tired of enjoying this beauty, so they are not distracted by this stunning sunset. Have fun bathing.

There is no special fee to enjoy this beauty or it is free. Anyone who visits here is fine. That’s what the young people who talk to say on the pier.

Pede Beach which has been left by tourists

When traced based on old news, Pede Beach was one of the favorites of local residents and tourists when spending time in Labuan Bajo. Especially during holidays. However, now this beach

Moment around, a lot of garbage scattered at several points of the beach. Even, found some broken glass which of course was dangerous.

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