The Full Story of a Viral Indonesian Man Dating a Japanese Woman, Dating at Pasar Senen


This couple from different countries went viral because of a date at Pasar Senen. The couple is a man from Rokan Hilir, Pekanbaru, Riau who is dating a beautiful woman from Japan.

His love story went viral after he uploaded a video taking his girlfriend, a Japanese woman, to Pasar Senen on his TikTok Pratama account @kuda_pirang. In the 15-second video, the man named Pratama is seen inviting his girlfriend to eat Padang food at Pasar Senen.

Next, he took a walk around Pasar Senen. His girlfriend, who is a Japanese woman, admitted that she had never seen market conditions like this in her country. The Japanese woman looks happy when invited for a walk.

“Her smile no there is medicine #kawaii #cewejepang #wibu #couple. She says no there is a market like this in Japan,” wrote the TikTok account @kuda_pirang. The viral story CLICK HERE.

Photo of Yuri from Japan eating Padang rice. Photo: Doc. Instagram @kuda_pirang

The Beginning of Primary Getting to Know Yuri

Wolipop has interviewed Pratama, an Indonesian man who went viral for asking his girlfriend, a Japanese woman, on a date at Pasar Senen. He recounted how he first got to know Yuri, the Japanese woman who became his lover. Pratama claimed to know Yuri through groups on social media.

“We know (6/11/2019). At that time I joined an international English group on Instagram and coincidentally he was also there. We knew when he suddenly commented on my Live IG at that time. Because at that time I was singing Japanese songs, he asked if I could speak Japanese,” said Pratama to Wolipop, Tuesday (28/6/2022).

The 22-year-old man answered Yuri’s question because he could speak Japanese. Yuri then asked how to learn a foreign language quickly.

“He also asked where he studied from. I answered from Japanese cartoons. He also asked for advice on how to learn foreign languages ​​quickly. Because at that time he was studying in Australia,” said Pratama.

Pratama who lives in Rokan Hilir, Pekanbaru, Riau, revealed that the conversation between the two was quite short. Until one month later, Yuri sent a message via direct message (DM) Instagram to ask for Primary contact.

“He suddenly asked for my contact. ‘I want to chat again, can i ask for your contact line no?’ Yuri said. ‘I don’tk have, if you want to download WhatsApp,’ I told him. From the WhatsApp exchange, we started to get close,” he said.

The two also did not communicate for a month, because Pratama changed their cellphone numbers. After that, the two began to intensely talk through cyberspace.

“We started talking again until late at night and I said I like him. And he also said so. We started a relationship without having met before. The hard thing is because we are LDR from different countries,” he said.

Couples from different countries are viral on social mediaCouples from different countries are viral on social media Photo: Doc. Primary Personal.

Primary and Yuri’s Relationship Was Broken

Primary revealed that his love relationship with Yuri was not always smooth. When Yuri returned to Japan, after school in Australia, the two had broken up because of their respective egos.

“When he returned to Japan, we also almost ran aground because of each other’s egos at that time. But I told him what was our original goal?” Primary asked Yuri.

Both are in a long distance relationship and can only communicate through cyberspace. Then after introspection, they agreed to continue the relationship.

“Maybe this problem is really heavy now but think about it when we are old and become grandparents this will be a joke you know! The atmosphere was fluid at that time. He also wanted to continue studying in America at that time. But noi I know why he chose Indonesia. Because at first I suggest make it to Singapore. Let me be there too. But he chose Indonesia,” he said at length.

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