The Fun of Snorkeling on Gili Labak, Makes You Forget Time


The underwater charm of Gili Labak is indeed so beautiful. To the extent that tourists can lose track of time because of its beauty.

In the morning, Tuesday (15/3), the Nusa Exploration group stopped at Gili Labak, Sumenep. From a distance, this island is already so beautiful to look at.

When participants photographed Gili Labak from a height using drones, they saw a green island surrounded by endless white sand.

The underwater beauty of Gili Labak makes those who snorkel forget the time. I hope you don’t forget about it, Detikers, hehehe. Photo: Special (doc. Disbudpar Jatim)

There are many types of coral reefs that a traveler can find while snorkeling. If you have immersed yourself, the traveler can forget the time.

« Perhaps because the previous destinations were less attractive, today the Nusa Tour participants really enjoyed the beauty of Gili Labak. They forgot the time, » said a tour agent at the Nusa Exploration event, Nasrullah, Tuesday (15/3/2022).

For the ticket fare, tourists are charged Rp. 5 thousand per person. He cried again, not only enjoying the beauty of Gili Labak, but the group also planted coral reefs.

The Nusa Tour will be held from Monday (14/3) to Thursday (17/3). The purpose of holding this event is to see the beauty of the outer islands of Madura.

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